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15 Remote Tech Careers (Plus 34 Companies that Hire)

15 remote tech jobs
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In a world driven by technology, jobs in the tech industry are in abundance. If you’re looking for career options that offer stability and job security, this list is especially for you.
You can work in these rolls at home or remotely, assuming that you have a computer and an internet connection. Some companies may want you to have a dedicated work space, while others will allow you to travel the world and live a nomadic life style.
The salaries in this list are based on the National Median Annual Salary in the US from Glassdoor.

1. Front-end Web Developer ($76,000)

A front-end web developer works on websites, plugins, or another web apps.  They add the colors, layouts, text, buttons, and images that make up the parts of the websites and applications that users see and interact with. As a front-end web developer you need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other frameworks, depending on the company you’re working with.

Companies that hire remote front-end developers:

2. Back-end Web Development ($88,488)

A back-end web developer works on the bits and pieces of a website or plugin that we don’t see but the important parts that make a website function. As an example, say you click on a button to convert the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. A back-end developer writes the logic with the equation that does the conversion for us. Some common back-end languages that companies hire for are PHP, JavaScript, and Python.

Companies that hire remote back-end developers:

3. UX Designer 4. UI Designer ($81,794)

Working as a remote UX/UI researcher and designer it’s your job to ensure that the people who are using your website or web app have a good experience. A UX(User Experience) Designer’s job is to make sure that the overall feel and effectiveness is enjoyable to a customer while they’re using the software. As a UI(User Interface) designer, you’ll design the overall look, layout, and appearance of the interface that the user sees and interacts with. These roles go hand-in-hand.

Companies that hire remote UI/UX designers:

5. IT Project Manager ($94,483)

As a project manager, you could be working on the development of websites, applications, robots, etc. It’s your job to ensure that your team knows exactly what they’re going to be doing, when it needs to be done, if any bugs arise, what the client is expecting, etc. You’ll keep your team on track from the beginning of a project to the end of the project.

Companies that hire remote IT Project Managers:

6. Manual ($56,212) 7. Automation ($88,342) Software Testers

As a software quality assurance tester it’s your job to test software products and make sure they’re free of bugs before they makes their way to the customer. You could either do manual or automation testing and do specific testing like functional, performance, unit, integration, smoke, acceptance, and end-to-end tests. You could be testing robots, AI neural networks, games, websites, applications, and much more.

Companies that hire remote Software Testers:

8. Full-Stack WordPress Developer ($74,799)

WordPress is a blogging platform that’s owned by Automattic. It’s an open-sourced CMS(content management system) and powers 30% of all the sites on the web (according to a survey done by W3Techs.) As a WordPress developer, you’ll be building themes or plug-ins and you’ll need to know PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. WordPress developers can be front-end, back-end, or full-stack which is both front and back-end.

Companies that hire remote WordPress Developers:

9. Game Developer ($85,877)

As a game developer, you could find yourself working as a programmer in a front-end, back-end, or a full-stack position. Besides writing the logic for game engines, you could also be a UI Designer for in-game interfaces, work as a quality assurance game tester, or take a creative roll writing stories, creating missions, and much more.

Companies that hire remote Game Developers:

10. Mobile ($97,986) 11. General Application Developer ($75,323)

Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? Think of an app that you use daily and chances are that the company who develops it  hires remote developers. More teams are starting to work remotely and hire talent from all over the world. As a mobile developer you could find yourself working on Android or IOS apps, and as a general apps developer you could work on OSX, Windows, Chrome OS, or Linux applications.

Companies that hire remote Mobile Application Developers:

12. Machine Learning ($120,931) 13. AI Researcher ($135,424)

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are taking over the job market. A majority of transcription companies that I’ve researched have an AI/machine learning department geared towards language and voice recognition software. If you’re on the fence about your future career and want job security, this is the field to get into. In a nutshell, you’ll be feeding data to machines that are equipped with neural networks (a simulation of the human mind) and researching how they learn or interpret said data to make them more intelligent.

Companies that hire remote AI and Machine Learning Engineers:

14. Data Scientist ($120,931)

Big data is a term that you have probably heard floating around in the media or online especially if you have heard about a scandal with a leading social media platform. The internet connects us all around the world via social media, forums, and other websites and applications. Every person who uses these platforms leaves a digital footprint of data when they browse the web. Data Scientists gather this data from various resources, clean and analyze the data, and tell it’s story.

Companies that hire remote Data Scientists:

15.  Technical Support Representative ($36,674)

As a technical support representative you may respond to support tickets, e-mails, or questions on forums. Most commonly is answering in-bound chats and telephone calls. This job is common in the work at home community so I won’t say much about it.

Companies that hire remote Technical Support Representatives:

This brings us to the end of this short list of tech jobs. Let me know what you thought of this list. Do you want more like it?

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