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Work at Home | 15 Data Entry Clerk Jobs


15 data entry work from home jobs
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Data entry jobs were once upon a time a high-paying way to make a living full-time. Due to popularity, crowdsourcing, and of course now that electronic devices being are used more than pen and paper, the availability of data entry jobs is slim. However, data entry work at home jobs do exist and some still pay a decent wage, but most pay much lower than minimum wage. I searched for as many of the top paying remote data entry jobs I could find. It’s up to you to decide how much your time is worth.
Since everyone is on the lookout for a data entry job I decided to compile this list to help you out. All of the information below is researched via multiple websites, and the pay is based on Glassdoor and Indeed reviews or other sources.
Please read the company website before applying for any position. Be professional, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you should treat your job hunt any different than you would while searching in your own community.

1. xerox

Location: The United States and Canada.
Pay: Average $12 an hour. You’ll be an employee and either work full-time or part-time hours.
They also have more remote work at home job positions available other than data entry. I have already written a review on xerox, and you can read it here.
Apply – United States.
Apply – Canada.

2. Great American Opportunities

Location: The United States.
Pay: Per Form $0.10 – $0.40, averages at $9 an hour.
You’ll be a contractor, and this position is seasonal. I’ve written a review on this company too. Please read the review, and you’ll get instructions on how to apply to their seasonal work at home Data Entry position.

3. Cass Information Systems

Location: The United States, only in certain states.
Pay: Averages $11.65 an hour which is relatively high for Data Entry jobs. As far as I know, you’ll be an employee, not a contractor.
This position is location based as mentioned and that means you may have to live close to their brick and mortar office’s is located to qualify for their work at home Data Entry position.

4. Dion Data

Location: United States, only.
Pay: Is on a per piece basis. I’ve researched extensively, and I’m unable to find what exactly their pay is.
They’ve been around for a long time, and I found some forum threads from 2004. Everyone seems to want in. If you know what they pay let us know assuming you’re not under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

5. Smart Locating

Location: The United States, in Texas.
Pay: Averages at $8.50 an hour according to some reviews I’ve read.
The scheduling is flexible, but you have to meet a daily quota. There have been some reports of people not getting paid on time or at all while others are paid fine, so who knows what’s actually happening.

6. Konsus

Location: Worldwide.
Pay: Unknown, but if you Google ‘konsus salary’ a lot of reports state that they pay much more than other freelance sites.
Konsus is a startup company that offers Freelancer work to people in multiple fields of expertise including UX/UI Designers, Graphic Designers, Writers, Researchers, Illustrators, and even Data Entry Clerks. These positions go quickly so keep an eye out and be quick like the Flash with your application.

7. RedVision

Location: The United States only.
Pay: Unknown.
This company is known to sometimes post remote work at home jobs on their website for data entry, and data verification clerks.

8. SigTrack

Location: The United States only.
Pay: Average of $0.037 for each signature or $0.15 for registrations.
They’re strict about hiring so please read their requirements. They do have a strict quota of 10,000 tags, and 98% accuracy rate that you have to meet within 30 days or they will let you go.

9. The Smart Crowd

Location: Worldwide.
Pay: Pay per piece $0.20- $0.60 per 1000 key strokes which is quite low.
It’s okay for extra cash but doesn’t quit your other jobs.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Location: United States, Canada, and others locations.
Pay: Per HIT $0.01-$0.08, which is very low.
You’ll be a contractor working with MTurk. HIT stands for Human Intelligence Task which is a short task that needs a human to complete. Most of the time you’re entering in shopping receipts, items purchased, cost, etc.


Location: Worldwide.
Pay: Cents per job.
Similar to Mturk above the pay is quite low for data entry work. If you’re just looking for ways to make extra cash without any commitments, this could be perfect for you, assuming you don’t mind being paid so little for your time.

12. Microworkers

Location: Worldwide.
Pay: Unknown.
Like the other microwork sites above, Microworkers’ pay is quite low for data entry tasks. If you’re looking for extra cash, it’s great, if you want more money you should move along.

13. Axion Data Entry Services

Location: The United States and Canada only.
Pay: Unknown.
They’re rarely hiring but keep an eye out because you never know. They’re BBB accredited. You’ll be an independent contractor and not an employee. Please read their website before applying.

14. Capitol Typing  

Location: they’re located in the United States, so I think it’s safe to assume they hire US citizens.
Pay: Unknown.
Information on this company is hard to come by. They hire data entry clerks, so they made this list. If you know anything about them let us know.

15. iBridge

Location: Unknown but we’ll assume that they hire in the United States.
Pay: Unknown, I can’t find a lot of information on this company.
I’m unable to find anything about how they pay or their rates. If you know anything about this company, let us know in the comments.

End of the Work at Home Data Entry List

I’ll try to update this with more data entry companies and update the information about said companies periodically. Until then check out the Master List of Work at Home Companies which I update daily. I may have already added more data entry companies since you’ve read this.
As I always say, please be diligent and do your research. Companies change, sometimes for better or worse. I’m not always able to keep tabs. If you know of anything good or bad, let us know. Happy work from home job hunting. 🙂
Do you work in data entry or for any of these companies? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Vivint hires a ton of their employees specifically to work from home. Their pay rate is reasonable, starting at 11.00 (up to 15.00) hourly, full and part time available. Vivint perks are sweet as well, however, too many to list. Even working from home, there is still upward mobility. However, currently, you must live in Utah.

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