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3 Flexible Work from Home Jobs (100+ Bonus List)

3 flexible work at home jobs
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In this day in age with technology being everywhere and almost everyone having an Internet connection in their home, we get the opportunity to have multiple streams of income. I know I am always on the lookout for the next best side hustle to add to my list to profit myself and share the wealth with you. Without further ado here are three flexible ways you can start making extra cash on the side today.

1) Textbroker


Textbroker is a freelance crowd sourcing platform that hires writers in The United States. Essentially how they’re set up is, there’s you the writer, then text broker the middleman, and the client who wants an article written for their website.
Your pay is determined on what skill level your writing is at. They have five star levels in which your writing assignments are graded, and the more quality articles you submit the more you’ll be paid. As an example, with a level of five stars you’ll be paid $0.05/word, while someone with a level of one star will be paid 1/7th of a cent per word. Payments are made every Friday via PayPal as long as you have accumulated at least $10 in income.
You work when you want at Textbroker. Log into their platform at any time, choose a job, write the article, submit the article to the client , make any revisions requested, and if your article is accepted you’ll be paid.
Textbroker is a stepping stone into the writing industry. Use it to develop your skills but once you get some experience I recommend moving on to better paying gigs. Cut out the middleman and go straight to the websites in your niche. As a bonus, I have listed over 100 websites for writers that accept submissions from writers that pay between $10 to over $200 for submissions.

2) Leapforce


Leapforce hires independent contractors, worldwide, to work from home evaluating search engines.
What is search engine evaluation you ask?
As a search engine evaluator you’ll be evaluating search queries that may be passed through a search engine like Google. You will rate the returned information to that query based on a number of factors. An example would be the following: when somebody searches with the query “Apple X” you’d expect the query to return the iPhone X and not a crunchy, red, delicious apple. Make sense?
While you work for Leapforce you’re required to track the hours you are actively working accurately in order to get paid.
Leapforce does pay quite well and you can expect $13 dollars per hour. They pay monthly via check or direct deposit.

3) Modsquad


ModSquad hires freelance moderators. They have a few different moderating positions including content mod, engagement mods, social media professionals, customer service, and more.
As a moderator you’ll help companies engage with their audiences across all of their digital platforms like forms, help desks, games, virtual worlds, email, VOIP, live chat, and social media.
Their scheduling is extremely flexible. Once a month their automated system releases the companies schedules and you’re given the change to choose projects that work with your schedule.
According to Glassdoor salaries, the pay is around $8.00 to $9.00 an hour for these positions.

What side gigs do you have right now? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “3 Flexible Work from Home Jobs (100+ Bonus List)

    1. In Canada I worked with Arise for their RHC client.
      If you’re in the US I know that the following companies hire reservation agents:
      – World Travel Holdings
      – Pink Shell Beach Resort
      – JetBlue Airways Corporation
      – Holland America Line, Inc.
      – Enterprise
      – Auberge Resorts
      – Wyndham Worldwide
      – Aspira
      – Omni Hotels and Resorts
      – Hilton
      – Alaskan Airlines
      Good luck with your job hunt 🙂

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