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3 Remote Jobs that Pay an Average of $15 an Hour

remote jobs that pay $15 an hour
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If you’re looking for remote jobs that pay at least $15 dollars an hour, you’re probably happy to have stumbled upon this post.
Depending on the cost of living where you’re from, $15 an hour maybe a lot or it may still be too little, but keep in mind that these jobs pay an average of $15 an hour. Some pay much more than that and other entry-level positions may pay less. You choose whether you work for $12 an hour or $30 an hour.
There are entry-level options available for each of these positions or you can even take the entrepreneurial route and start your own business. When you cut out the middle man you can always bank more.
The choice is ultimately yours. I’m just here to let you know what your options are, so without further ado…

1. Virtual Assistant Jobs

management organize jobsWorking from home as a virtual assistant you can find yourself filling many roles for businesses. You’ll likely handle everyday clerical and scheduling business needs. Your day may consist of data entry, researching, booking flights, organizing documents, writing a blog post, you name it, and there’s a VA who does it.
A few newsletters back I shared a VA position in the weekly job leads for WorldWide101. They’re almost always hiring Executive Assistants and Paralegal Assistants and their average pay is $17 an hour(at the time of writing this post.) If you look at their requirements and think to yourself, “Umm, I can’t fill those shoes,” check out these 4 other companies that hire virtual assistants.
Alternatively, If you have a service you want to offer, set up a website and start marketing yourself. I see pins day in and day about out how people are making $20-$30 an hour with their newly launched VA business. What’s stopping you?

2. Work at Home Social Media Coordinator

Social Media jobsAs an at home Social Media Coordinator, your responsibility will be managing social accounts for businesses. You’ll be expected to you have big picture strategies in the back of your head to help businesses grow their customer base and keep customers engaged with their brand.
Typically you don’t need a marketing degree for these jobs. Knowledge of marketing strategies will, however, help you immensely in this role. You may want to look into some Udemy marketing courses to set you apart from the others applying to these jobs.
Just like the virtual assistant job, working from home as a Social Media Coordinator can be a nice change from a nine-to-five as most workers in this role have flexible schedules. You’ll have the option to work as an employee, an independent contractor, or branch out and start your own business; the choice is yours.
You can find hundreds of social media jobs on Indeed. If you want to get your foot in the door and don’t know where to start, you can also read more about 99 Dollar Social.

3. Remote English as a Second Language(ESL) Teacher

teacher desk VIPKIDIf you’ve been looking for a work at home jobs, you’ve probably seen quite a few ESL teaching jobs. English is a world dominant language and there are millions of students needing teachers and tutors. This is great news for those of us who want to work from home.
I’ve mentioned VIPKID quite a few times on my blog and in newsletters. They require a bachelor’s degree in any subject and experience teaching or tutoring. Their pay starts at $18 an hour, plus bonuses. Read more about their position here.
Some other companies that hire virtual tutors and teachers are Cambly, Open English, and goFLUENT. As always be diligent and do your research.

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