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3 Remote Medical Transcription Jobs

3 work at home medical transcription jobs
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As a medical transcriptionist you can either work in house at a doctors office and a clinic, or you have the opportunity to work from home.
Transcription is a job that typically pays for the work that you turnaround and not for the actual hours that you work. You’re most commonly paid per audio minute, per line, per word, or per page. There are, however, some companies that pay you by the hour and give you production bonuses.
If you’re new to transcription I suggest you take a look at the articles listed on the Master List of Transcription Companies page to learn more about the industry and get an idea of what to expect working at home or remotely as a transcriptions.
As a medical transcriptionist you can find yourself working on a variety of accounts such as Emergency Room, Clinic, Psychology, Radiology, Pathology, Neurology, Advanced Acute Care, and many more. That said, you’ll need a medical background or training from a school approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), which is why I studied at Career Step.

Equipment Recommendations

To make the most money transcribing it’s recommended that you have a foot pedal and a text expander to increase your words per minute.
A foot pedal let’s you stop, play, and rewind audio without removing your fingers from your keyboard and will increase your speed. I recommend the Infinity USB Foot Pedal since I’ve personally used it since 2008 and it’s an exceptionally well built piece of hardware.
A text expander will allow you to set up macros to maximize your words per minute, too. As an example, you can have the follow macros setup in your expander  :
(you type = text expander’s output)
acc = account
accg = accounting
acct = accountant
In medical reports doctors always say “pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation” you could set up a macro for “perla” instead of typing that whole sentence. Saving you 51 keystrokes and a huge chunk of time.
I use Phrase Express for transcription and business related content. Both of these items have paid for themselves time and time again.

1 ) Transcription For Everyone

medical codingTranscription for Everyone is mentioned all the time in the work at home community because they have transcription services for, well, everyone. Besides medical, they offer transcription services in general, legal, deposition, court, online, video, DVD, and list goes on.
They hire legal, general, and medical transcriptionists who are native English speakers with some experience. They do verbatim and clean transcripts, medical education lectures, patient notes, focus group meetings, doctor-to-doctor consultation, and more.
They’re looking for transcriptionists with experience in a number of medical fields including diabetes, cardiology, radiology, oncology, pharmacology, and all the ologies. So you have a lot of options if you specialize in one of those fields of medicine.

2) SoftScript .

transcription equipmentSoftScript hires medical transcriptionists regularly for acute care, clinic, radiology, and pathology. They also have positions at home for medical transcription editors and quality assurance. As well as positions for developers and researchers in artificial intelligence and natural language processing.
Sticking on topic of their medical transcription remote job opportunities, they want applicants who have completed a medical transcription program or equivalent plus 3 years work experience.
They offer competitive benefits including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401(k), and paid time off. They have perks like discounted Dell computers, employee referral bonus programs, mentoring, production incentives, and more.

3 ) Ubiqus

Data EntryUbiqus is the company I see floating around the work at home community time and time again. They have jobs in language, transcription, translation, interpretation, and more. In addition to medical transcription, they do corporate and legal transcripts.
When you apply as a transcriptionist at Ubiqus you’ll be a freelancer and the pay is rumored to be $0.00695 per word. The average words per audio hour is about 10,000 so that’s roughly $70/per audio hour.
They don’t require an extensive amount of experience and will consider candidates who have 1-5 years. Keep in mind that Career Step’s curriculum counts as one year of transcription experience, that said, this is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get their foot in the door.

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