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3 Reward Apps that Will Make You Money This week

3 rewards apps lose weight
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If you don’t have a computer and rely on your cell phone you won’t qualify for most work at home jobs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money online with only a smartphone.
Android and iPhone have millions of applications readily available to download and that means that you have access to 1000s of applications that will pay you money or rewards to complete short tasks.
I’ve listed three applications that I personally use or have heard good things about. Number three will even help you get fit and stay healthy.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards App
Google will pay you to give your opinion on products and features, hotels, and more. This is a free application that is available on Android and IOS. If you’re an android user your rewards will be paid as Google Play Store credits, and if you’re using an iPhone you’ll be paid via PayPal.
The surveys are generally short, to the point, and pay well compared to sites like Swagbucks. As an example, I completed a five question survey that took less than a minute and was paid $0.55. While Swagbucks wins in quantity of surveys, Google Opinion Rewards wins in pay quality.
I’ve had a lot of surveys about YouTube channel recommendations, or general questions about how I use my phone. All of them have been relatively short. They are few and far between but it’s a nice way to put some cash in your wallet.

2. Acorns

Acorns Investment App
Acorns is an investment application that is free to download on Android and IOS.  When you sign up, you’ll connect your payment cards and each time you make a purchase on these cards you’ll invest a small amount of money into your Acorns account.
The amount of the investments will vary and are calculated by rounding up each purchase that you make to the next dollar. You’re basically investing your spare change. Here’s an example, if you make a purchase for $10.09 Acorns adds $0.91 to round up to $11.00  and the $0.91 is invested.
They also have a program called Found Money where they’re partnered with big brand names like Apple, Airbnb, Nike, and others that will automatically invest in your account when you purchase products from them. Essentially it’s like getting cash back as you would with Ebates or BeFrugal but the cash back here is used for investing.
Don’t understand investing? That’s fine Acorns will create you a portfolio and invest your funds into stocks and bonds to get you a return on your money. As Forbes put it, “The app makes investing effortless.”

3. Pact

pact rewards app
Pact is available to both Android and IOS users. It an incentive application that pays you to be fit and stay healthy. Those of us who work from home need something like this in our lives right? I know I do at least.
Once you download the application and have it installed, you’ll make a weekly pact to exercise and eat healthier and you’ll set an amount that you’ll pay to other Pact member if you fail to reach your pact. This method is motivating, no one wants to lose their money.
Use the Pact app to track your progress throughout the week by logging your meals, and workouts. Then at the end of the week if you’ve reached your goal, you get to reap the cash rewards for living healthy and get paid by those who don’t.
Enjoy your healthy life and healthy wallet.

Other Reward Applications:

I’ve written another article that has 10 more rewards sites and most of them have applications or mobile friendly websites.
What’s your favorite money making application or do you have more than one?

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