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3 Work at Home Chat Jobs

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Work from home chat jobs are highly sought after, so when you see an opening apply immediately. These three work from home chat support jobs may pay anywhere between $8-$16 an hour. Your earnings will depend on a few variables like where you live, your experience, and what company or contract you’re applying to.
Essentially all you’ll need is a reliable computer that meets their minimum specifications(sometimes they’ll even send you one to get the job done.) You’ll need a wired internet connection.
My first work from home job was as a chat support agent for a web hosting company. I provided customer service in billing, sales, and technical support. My day mostly consisted of explaining charges, pointing domain name servers, or more commonly fixing broken HTML and CSS code after someone tried to customize their website without knowing what they were doing.
My favorite part of chats is that I was able to listen to music through my whole workday. That little bit of comfort makes it so much easier to deal with customers. Also, since chat jobs are mostly customer service oriented the act of typing to someone versus talking to someone makes the job very impersonal and it’s not as stressful as working on the phones;  There’s something comedic about a customer yelling at you over chat.
Besides all that, if you have a noisy household it’ll be easier for you to maintain a work at home job providing support via chat than it would be via phone. That’s not to say you can forego a babysitter during your work day. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all and it’s very unprofessional to show up to work in a group meeting with family or friends making a racket in the background. Work from home jobs are just like real world jobs, you just do them at home.
Working with these three companies you will have to sign a nondisclosure agreement and a privacy policy ensuring that no one we’ll see your computer screen or know what you’re doing. You’ll be dealing with sensitive information and need to ensure you have a dedicated workspace away from children, family, and friends.
Let me stop rambling and get into the list.

Convergys Work at Home Chat Jobs

work from home officeConvergys has been around since the 90s, that said, they’re a well established company and are relatively well known in the work at home job world. Maybe you’ve seen them but you’re just not aware that they’re legitimate and worth while company. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are.
When I worked for converges straight out of high school in 2007, they started transitioning their employees into work at home agents a year or so later, so you could also say that their work at home platform has been around for some time, too. A company with roots and structure is a good sign with work at home jobs.
Convergys often hires for customer service phone positions, but they have chat positions for home agents too. In these chat roles you may be working for cell phone, cable, or internet providers and could be working in billing or technical support.
They hire employees in Canada and the US. They offer great employee benefits including vision, dental, health, 401k, life, disability, and more.
It’s a great entry-level job and don’t worry too much about not having experience, apply anyways, I was hired with no work history at all. See if they’re hiring over on their Jobs page.

Apple at Home Chat Advisors Opportunies

work from home apple deskApple‘s a well known company. They’re in almost everyone’s house; I’d be surprised if you didn’t know at least one person who has an iPad, iPhone, iPod or MacBook. That said, with all those customers, Apple needs thousands of agents to take calls and even help via chat.
There are a few vendors who hire for Apple, but I highly recommend applying to Apple and cut out the middle man if you can. Simply put, it if you work for Apple directly you get an amazing amount of employee perks. Other vendors that hire Apple advisors like Concentrix or Kelly Connect may have employee benefits and perks, but they’re not nearly as good as Apple’s. I mean, c’mon, they’re a multibillion dollar company of course they’re going to have exceptional employee benefits and perks.
If you’re looking for a company where you’ll have room to grow and one that encourages you to move your way up within the company, I suggest bookmarking Apple’s job page so that you can check every day to see when they’re hiring at home chat advisors.
If you’d like to learn more about work form home jobs with Apple read the review here.

Arise Virtual Solutions at Home Chat Positions

Data EntryArise Virtual Solutions is well known for their home telephone positions, but they sometimes hire at home agents to work in chat support roles fulfilling customer service, technical, and sales needs. All you need is a computer and sometimes they’ll even provide you with one.
They’ve provided and still provide support for companies like Apple, Intuit, Rogers, and other huge names in Canada, the US, and the UK.
I personally worked for Arise Virtual Solutions for over a year and absolutely loved it. Their at home positions are a little bit different as you are an independent contractor and there are upfront fees, but since you’re an independent contractor that means pure flexibility.
The greatest perk of being an independent contractor at Arise is the schedules. You’ll choose your schedules in 30 minute increment either one or two weeks in advance. The clients that you’re working with may have weekday and weekend minimums but you can essentially schedule your self anytime that you want to work. It is amazing! I had no idea jobs like that existed.  I could work three days in a row and schedule myself off for a week if I wanted to. This was pure bliss after working from home on Sykes schedule.
Depending on what client you’re contracting with, you may get paid $8 an hour or $16 an hour. You also have the option to incorporate and hire other individuals under your independent business and, of course, earning potential going this route is limitless.
Arise hires in Canada, the US, and the UK. If you’d like to learn more, read wahwithme’s Arise Virtual Solutions Work at Home Review.

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