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4 Legitimate Work at Home Virtual Assistant Jobs

virtual assistant work from home jobs
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If you’re looking for real ways to earn money online, these companies offer work at home positions for part-time and sometimes full-time virtual assistant jobs.
You can expect to work at least 3.5-25  hours a week but can work more if you’re available and tasks are available. You will be a freelancer, independent contractor unless otherwise stated on the companies websites.
As a VA the tasks you’ll complete are vast and include but are not limited to administrative duties, technical, creative, social account management, etc. Your earnings are based on the work that you complete and you can make between $10-$16/hour on average.

99 Dollar Social

They hire social media Content Specialists to find content and write short, creative intros to publish on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

  • Location: Unclear as they don’t list this on their website or ask for your location on the hiring page.
  • Pay: Averages at $12/hour. You get paid for the work you do so if you work fast you’ll earn more but remember quality over quantity.
  • Scheduling:  They’re currently hiring full-time social media ghost writers who can commit to 40 hours a week.
  • Training: They require 6-7 hours of self-paced online training & attendance of a few conference calls.
  • Apply: They require that you submit a resume, complete a little test on creativity and research skills. Click here to apply.

Clara Labs

At Clara Labs, you’ll be a scheduler that connects with clients via e-mail, mainly Gmail, and you’ll use Google Calendar. Interestingly enough, as you do the job, you will be teaching their AI machine new things. This process is a sort of new human-machine collaboration platform.

  • Location: The company is located in the US. It’s unclear of where they hire or if they hire outside of the US as it’s not listed on their website.
  • Pay: $0.60 per e-mail. If you work quickly without compromising quality, you can expect to average $11-$15/hour.
  • Scheduling: As long as you have a 96% + efficiency rate you work when you want to work. I’ve read that if you’re below that rate, you’ll be scheduled during their less busy times.
  • Training: There is no formal training, only an hour orientation, and access to a user manual.
  • Apply: Click here to apply.



They’re on a mission to hire work at home moms with MBAs, but you don’t need a degree to apply for their virtual assistant position. You could do web design, appointment setting, research, among other things. They want to match you with a job that you’re good at, which is ideal for business and their employees.

  • Location: They hire in the United States, but I’ve seen someone say they can send a link if you’re outside of the US country so you can still apply.
  • Pay: Starting at $10/hour for VAs.
  • Scheduling: They hire part-time employees. You’ll start off at 5 hours a week and be bumped up to 25 hours each week after you’ve completed a probation period.
  • Training: You are required to take training. If you complete the training and you’re not hired you will not receive pay but if you are hired you will be paid for the training.
  • Apply: The training process is unique and will take around 30 days to complete. You’ll be sent a serious of e-mails from the company over the first few days; you’re expected to read and understand them. Then you’ll be put in a group of others during the application process to work on a project as a team. Click here to apply.

Time Etc.

Is your typical VA company your work may include writing blog posts, scheduling, research, etc.

  • Location: They have clients in the US and UK so I’m assuming they hire in those countries. However, they don’t state the location where they hire.
  • Pay: Starts at $11/hour and I’ve read some people make up to $16/hour. They pay monthly via PayPal.
  • Scheduling: You must work at least fives hours a week, but they state it’s flexible. They ask that you commit to 1 year of working with them.
  • Training: There doesn’t seem to be any training, and once you make it through their application process you can accept tasks.
  • Apply: Click here to apply. They have a lengthy application process, but as soon as you’re hired you can start accepting tasks.


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