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4 Survey Sites for Easy Money


4 survey sites to make money online
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First, let me say that I’m not here to tell you that you’re going to make $1000s of dollars every month by taking surveys.
Nope, not going to say that because it’s just not true, however, it is possible to make $50-$100 extra dollars each month (on rare occasions I’ve made more.)
Taking surveys is pretty much the easiest way to make money online. You get paid to sit in your PJs on the sofa, while you watch TV, and give your opinion about products, services, politics, education, and much more.

Answer these two questions. Do you want to:

  1. Make easy money online?
  2. Get paid gift cards or cash each month?

Did you answer yes to both of those questions?
Of course you did and that means this list is made just for you.

Tip: Before signing up for survey and extra cash sites, I recommend creating a separate e-mail to keep your personal inbox tidy. 


Springboard America

Springboard America Surveys
To sign up with Springboard America, you must be a resident of the US and over the age of 14. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll take a qualifying survey to determine the surveys that you’ll receive in the future, which is typical of survey sites.
Surveys at Springboard America pay $0.25-$3.00 each. You can cash out once you reach the payment threshold of $50, which you can easily reach in a month or two by taking 3-6 surveys a week. They also have sweepstakes where you can win $100-$1000 each year.
When you complete surveys at Springboard America you’ll be paid in point form and 1000 points are worth $1.00. You have to option to cash out for g
ift cards, PayPal, or even get a check in the mail.
Sign up today and start earning.


i-say surveys online
If you live in the US or Canada and are 18 years of ageor older, you can join I-Say for free and start taking surveys. When you sign up you’ll take a pre-survey which will help them match your with future surveys when they’re posted.
Surveys at i-Say pay a
round 45-90 points for each survey you complete, and if you happen to be disqualified you will get 5 points for trying. $100 i-Say points is the equivalent to $1.00.
You can cash your i-Say point out for gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, Visa, and more, or you can cash out for PayPal funds.
i-Say has other fun ways to earn too and they give annual bonuses for participating in surveys during the year.
Sign up today to start earning.

SwagbucksSwagbucks surveys online

The sign up for Swagbucks is quick and easy just enter an email and password, or signup in one click with Facebook. Swagbucks is available in the US, Canada and many other countries.
I’ve been taking surveys on Swagbucks for years and their surveys pay anywhere between 20-1500 points (1 point is the equivalent to $0.01). They have quite a few ways to take surveys on their offer boards, but I mainly use Gold and Peanut Lab Surveys.
You can cash out for gift cards once you reach $3.00. You have the option to cash out for PayPal cash too. They have other ways to earn too like watching videos, playing games, and more, so it’s easy to earn $50-$100 extra each month.
Sign up and start earning right now!

Maru Voice Canada

maru voice canada surveys
Maru Voice Canada is a survey company that is exclusive to Canadians. Registration is free and quick.
Maru Voice Canada sends out e-mails for each survey that becomes available to their members, typically you’ll get a few a day. These surveys pay between 50-500 points.
You can cash out for PayPal, Amazon, Visa gift cards, iTunes and Google Play cards once your account balance reaches 5000 point, which is the equivalent of $50.
Maru Voice Canada also has sweepstakes where you can win $50-$100 every month, and up to $1000 each year when you refer your friends.
Sign up today and start earning right away!

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