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4 Trusted Work at Home Jobs in Customer Service

4 customer service work from home jobs
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The following Work at Home Jobs are legitimate, tried, trusted and real ways to earn money online while working from home.
Sykes, Apple, GeekSquad and Arise Virtual Solutions are the companies listed in this post.
I have personally worked at Sykes and Arise Virtual Solutions for a combined seven years with full-time hours.
My SO has been working for Apple for a few years now, and I know people who have been working with GeekSquad for, you guessed it, years as well.

Where do they hire?

  • Sykes hires employees in the USA and Canada. According to their website, they have jobs pretty much worldwide. You can view all the locations on their website here.
  • Arise Virtual Solutions hires in the USA, Canada, and the UK.
  • Apple hires their remote agents in the USA.
  • GeekSquad seems to hire in all states except Alaska, California, Washington and Puerto Rico. They hire in Canada as well.

Are you an employee or contractor?

With Sykes, Apple, and GeekSquad you will be an employee, and you’ll be a contractor with Arise Virtual Solutions.

What are the hours and scheduling?

Since you’re an employee with Sykes, Apple, and GeekSquad you should expect either part-time or full-time hours based on the client need. You will be given a schedule and have shift bids periodically like with most brick-and-mortar call center jobs.
With Arise Virtual Solutions since you’ll be a contractor, you’ll have the benefit of flexibility. Meaning you can choose your hours in 30-minute intervals usually with a minimum of 4-20 hours worked per week depending on the client. Note: Arise in Canada has a shortage of hours when I worked there so if you’re looking for a full-time gig be aware. 

What’s the pay?

According to some searches on Indeed and Glassdoor, you can expect the pay range to be somewhere between $9-$16/hour depending on the client.
Remember that while you’re working for Sykes, Apple, and Geeksquad you’ll be an employee and make at least minimum wage or more. You’ll qualify for raises, benefits, and other perks that being an employee has to offer.
Don’t look down upon Arise though. You won’t get health care benefits and you probably won’t get raises but you can claim a LOT more on your taxes as expenses since you’re an independent contractor.

Do you get paid training?

You will have paid training for Skyes, Apple, and GeekSquad since you’re an employee.
With Arise Virtual Solutions you will have to pay for the training yourself as you are working in a business-to-business contract and this expense is tax deductible.

What are the jobs?

Customer service jobs typically consist of talking to customers on the phone or via chat software while multitasking on the computer trying to solve a problem.

What are the general requirements?

  • Customer service experience and technical proficiency will be a plus. However, I’m going to say experience is not necessary because in my years of working in this industry I’ve seen people get hired without any experience at all. As an example, my SO had a lady in his training class who thought that a Mac Mini was a router and still made it into Tier 1 Tech Support for Apple. So don’t sell yourself short.
  • You must have a criminal record check and legally be able to work in the country you reside in to be hired by these companies.
  • You must have a quite place to work free from distractions. If you have kids, you’ll want to get a sitter during your scheduled hours.

Tech Retirements:

Generally speaking, you’ll need a PC or a Mac depending on the client. I’ve linked the requirements with each company below.

  • Sykes has their home office requirements including tech stuff here. 
  • Arise has a PDF similar to Sykes with a list of tech and office requirements here.  
  • Apple will send you all the gear that you need. However, having a Mac and experience within their OS will be a plus.
  • GeekSquad: I couldn’t find any tech requirements for GeekSquad but most PCs today should meet the minimum requirements.

Where do I apply?

4 legitimate work at home jobs (1)I hope this list will help you start working from home.
Remember to do your research when looking for a work at home job. I’ll usually stress that if you have to pay for a job you shouldn’t do it but Arise is my one exception since it’s legit.
If you’re interested in Arise or Sykes I have written more thorough reviews here:

If you have anything to add let me know in the comments. Have you worked for any of these companies? What has your experience been like?

8 thoughts on “4 Trusted Work at Home Jobs in Customer Service

  1. my question is when you are applying to work from home and you can’t find a job in your particular city does it matter if you apply to another city? It is work from home…

    1. If the company has your location listed, I’d choose your location to make sure the interview process goes smoothly. You will have to provide your home address so they will eventually know where you live. Some companies only hire in certain states so the best practice is to apply to the location nearest to you.

    1. You’re most welcome.
      I know finding work from home jobs can be scary, specifically the chance of them being a scam. When in doubt go to the companies official website and locate the careers page. Apple lists their jobs on their website and they’re a great company to work for.
      Good luck with your search. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

  2. Ashley thank you for that but what i was asking is if they do not have my location specifically can i still apply to a work at home position? I am in Houston but the position might be in Austin can i still apply

    1. I can’t say for sure. It would be on a case-by-case basis. I know that some companies require you to live x amount of miles from their headquarters. Other times companies list the job from the state their headquarters location but indicate in the job listing that they hire in other states too. I’d contact the company directly to get this question answered if their job listing is ambiguous.

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