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6 Work from Home Transcription Companies that Hire Beginners

6 transcription companies for beginners work from home
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These work at home companies should be treated as a stepping stone to higher paying general-transcription opportunities. They pay much lower than industry standards and once you get a feel for what transcription is all about you should move on. Think of them as training or schooling that pays you when you’re just starting out in this industry.
If you’re an experienced transcriptionist looking for new clients you can check out another blog post that I’ve written called 5 Transcription Companies that Pay at Least $50/ahour. Keep in mind that audio hour is much different than an actual hour. Some of those companies will hire beginners if you pass their test.

Who are these companies?

Scribe, CrowdSurf, CastingWords, TranscribeMe, QuickTate, Rev

Where do they hire?

Each of these companies hire in the US, Canada, and other countries.

Are you an employee or independent contractor?

You will be a freelancer for all of these companies.

What’s the pay?

As I mentioned in the intro these companies shouldn’t be used a means of full-time jobs, or treated as careers; they pay much lower than industry standards. You can expect to make $0.16-$0.50/audio minute, compared to the industry standard being $1.00/audio minute or more. Keep in mind it can take anywhere between 4-8 hours to transcribe one hour of audio. These companies pay:

  • Scribe – $10/audio hour
  • CrowdSurf – $0.30/audio minute + bonuses
  • CastingWords – $.30-$0.90/audio minute + bonuses
  • TranscribeMe – $0.33/audio minute
  • QuickTate – 1/2 cent word
  • Rev – $0.40-$0.65/audio minute

As an example, when I started out with Crowdsurf I was able to make $300 a month getting about 10 hours of practice a week. That’s rough $7.50 an hour, while transcribers who work for companies that pay above industry standard are averaging between $13-$25/hour. These companies are good for learning but don’t sell yourself short when you’ve gain experience move on.

What are the hours and scheduling?

Each of these companies offer pure flexibility, meaning you can log in whenever you want and work, assuming that there is work available.

Do you get paid training?

No, they do not offer paid training, matter-of-fact, they don’t offer training at all. Personally, I’ve treated these company as a means of training to get my foot in the door and obtain better-paying transcription jobs. If you’ve never done transcription before these companies are a great place to get on-the-job training and put a little cash in your pocket while you learn.

What are the requirements?

You need either a Windows or Mac computer; laptops are good too. No experience is necessary to obtain work with these companies. You may have to pass a test and have proficiency in a particular language to qualify for a job.

What are the activities of jobs?

You listen to audio, type what you hear, proofread your transcript, and send it off to the company. Sound easy enough right? Well, yes and no. You need a keen ear and patience. Sometimes there will be multiple speakers with accents or even background noise. It could take you 40 minutes to transcribe a clear 10-minute audio file with one speaker. In contrast, it could take you 2 hours to transcribe a noisy 10-minute audio file with multiple speakers that have thick accents. The amount you get paid will vary.
When I studied Medical Transcription years ago I was taught to listen to the audio once all the way through without typing. Do a second pass, typing everything that you can hear, leaving a [BLANK] in terms you may need to research and parts of the audio that are difficult to understand. Then on the third pass, fill in all your blanks and do research. Finally on the last pass, proofread for grammar, spelling, guidelines, and consistency.
Don’t get discouraged! Every new skill takes time and practice to see improvement.

Where can I apply?

Recommended equipment:

  • Foot Pedal:  If you’re interested in transcription and want to take it seriously a foot pedal will increase your earnings tremendously. This pedal is the one I purchased for medical transcription years ago and highly recommend it as an investment.
  • Headphones: I don’t recommend noise-canceling headphones or ear buds as they’re not the most comfortable to wear over time. These are affordable and comfortable.

Have you worked for any of these companies? Let us know below.

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  1. I worked as a transcriber for 13 years at an insurance company. We used headphones, footpedal and a headset with the 2 ear phones. Before I was hired , I naturally took typing speed test and grammar tests. I am in in trying this type of work again. We had to have at least a 24 hr turnaround time.

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