Who is the creator of Work at Home with me?

I’m Ashley, the creator of the Work at Home with Me blog, and I’ve been working from home since 2007. It’s been a long time since my first work at home job. Yes, in the beginning, I fell for scams but thankfully I only lost $25; it happens to the best of us. Through it all, I’ve learned how to spot scams and shady work at home jobs.
I ended up working at a few different companies as a full-time employee for most of the last decade, all of which were phone support jobs. In 2014, I decided I didn’t want to work on someone else’s schedule and became an independent contractor. I fell in love with this newly found freedom and flexibility of working remotely as an independent contractor and I eventually ditched the contract and starting freelancing.
Since I have a lot more time as a freelancer, I decided to start this blog to help others find remote work opportunities, avoid scams, and enjoy the many benefits that working from home gave me.
I hope that I can inspire others to ditch their daily commute, take back their precious time, and enjoy their freedom and flexibility of being a remote worker.

What do I ask of my readers?

This blog is a source of supplemental income for me. I have ads and affiliate links posted on my site. However, as a web developer, I want to put user experience first. That means, unlike other blogs, I will not have intrusive or annoying ads. You know, the kind that pop-up on your screen, or the ones that stick to the side of your screen, or auto-playing videos, or vignetting, or full-screen “POW right in the kisser ads” that make you want to leave. Let’s not forget those annoying e-mail subscription pop-ups which stop you mid sentence while reading. Ugh!

Ads grind my gears meme

Yes, if you can’t tell I hate ads just as much as you but ads keep my website running so I’d appreciate if you will turn your ad-blocker off. In return, I promise not to be one of those annoying blogs that I hate browsing.

What is Work at Home With Me’s mission?

My mission is to show the world, or at least my readers, that anyone can work from their home office or even work while they travel. There are 1000s of work at home opportunities out there on the World Wide Web and I’m here to research and lead you in the right direction.
The benefits of working from home help not only the worker save time and money but it also saves the employer money. It saves the planet by allowing people to skip the drive to and from their job five days of the week. The benefits are obvious so I won’t list them all there but you get the picture.

What does Work at Home with Me do?


When I find a company, I do extensive research before adding them to my website. When I conduct this research, I strive to find references from multiple sources including the companies website, other blogs, social media, forums, and any other place on the web I can find their name.


After I’ve done the necessary research, I bring this information to you by writing a review about the company. I try to keep my personal opinion out of my reviews as much as possible to allow for an unbiased analysis. This means that I report the good and the bad and I want my readers to be able to draw their own conclusions.


Most importantly I try to educate and encourage my readers to do their own research. Learn how to research and avoid scams. My goal is to provide helpful content to ensure my readers gain the knowledge and skills they need to find legitimate work at home opportunities.