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Alchemic Dream Work from Home Job – Review

alchemic dream work from home job review
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Do you game? Do you know what FPS, NPC, MMO, or MMORPG all stand for? If you know what those acronyms stand for you’ll probably be excited that this company offers remote jobs in the gaming industry. It’s a great place to get your foot in the door and immerse yourself in gaming culture.
If you’re a student who games and wants a job throughout college, this will be a great gig.  Since you’ll be working from your home  you can cut out extra expenses for travel and lunch, plus use the extra time for studying.
Student or not, you may still be interested in the positions available with Alchemic Dream.
Alchemic Dream is a fast growing company that’s been around before I started working form home in 2007. They hire work from home employees for non-phone and phone positions related to gaming. They help with user experience providing customer support, managing social accounts, and much more.
They accept remote applicants for the following departments:

Community Manager:

As a remote Community Manager, you’ll moderate gaming forms to keep them free from tolls and other nuisances. Some other duties in this role are interacting with communities on different channels and networks, recruiting and managing volunteers, and creating and managing events.

Customer Support Agent:

Alchemic Dream’s work from home customer support position is done via live chat or email. You will answer customer inquiries and questions about games and report incidents to the developers, in order to improve the gamers experience.

Phone Customer Support Team Leader:

As a remote Phone Customer Support Team Leader,  you will coordinate and provide schedules, training, and other tasks based on client needs. You’ll be responsible for communicating with clients,  and coaching your team; Also, completing administrative work, which includes schedules, reports, and analytics is a vital part of this role too.

Phone Support Agent:

As a Telephone Support Agent you will be answering calls and reporting issues to developers. Of course, in telephone and chat roles, you will be required to provide exceptional customer service, have patience, be attentive, and keep a positive attitude.

Administration Staff:

These rolls include human resources, recruitment, accountability operations, and record keeping. The roles of the administrative staff are what keeps the business going and support their agents all around the world.

Localization Agent:

Alchemic Dream’s Localization Agent is a fancy euphemism for translators. Video game companies provide games in different languages to distribute all over the world and as a remote Localization Agent you will be translating and proofreading documents.

Sales Representative:

As a work at home Sales Representative, Alchemic Dream wants you to have an excellent knowledge of the video game industry and be available for travel.  They want you to bring on new client relationships and ensure that Alchemic Dream maintains a good relationships with their current clients.

Social Media Manager:

As a remote Social Media Manager, you will be required to create and post unique content on various social media platforms. You’ll monitor and respond to online discussions and develop strategies for the company’s social media presence.

Web/Graphic Designer:

Alchemic Dream is looking for a remote Web and Graphic Designer with good graphic design skills and knowledge of different graphics software. In this role, they want you to create attractive visual content and work hand-in-hand with the rest of their team to develop visual content for their clients.

Where does Alchemic Dream hire?

According to their website, they hire and have 300+ agents all over the world.

Does Alchemic Dream hire employees or independent contractors?

They use the verbiage “employees” on their website, but they don’t specifically say which positions you’ll be employed for.
After further research and reading some reviews on Glassdoor, it’s clear that they hire both employees and contractors for their positions.
You’ll have to ask your interviewer during the hiring process to determine if you’ll be an employee or contractor.

How much does Alchemic Dream pay?

Your pay will depend on the position in which you’re applying for and it seems like they pay contractors in CAD, so if you’re from another country you may get paid more or less, depending on the exchange rate.
According to Glassdoor reviews, the average pay for support and moderating positions is between $10-12 an hour, while Managers and Leads get paid a few dollars more and average $14-$16 an hour.

Does Alchemic Dream provide training?

Yes, like other support positions Alchemic Dream does provide training for their software and job duties.
Since they have more than 10 positions to choose from, some roles may provide more training than others, as an example, if you apply to be a Web Designer it’s expected of you to have prior experience in this role and they won’t train you for this skill.

Does Alchemic Dream provide employee benefits?

Yes. If you apply to be a full-time employee you will receive benefits. If you, however, apply for a freelance or contracting position you will not get employee benefits.
Benefits for employees include:

  • Insurance, Health & Wellness: Life, health, disability, dental, and vision.
  • Financial & Retirement: Workers compensation, pension, retirement, and group savings plan.
  • Incentives: Performance bonus, and stock or equity options .
  • Family & Parenting: Maternity & paternity leave, flexible time, and childcare

If you want to see more verified benefits search for Alchemic Dream on Glassdoor.

What are the requirements to work at home with Alchemic Dream?

Requirements to work at home with Alchemic Dream will vary between positions.
You, of course, need a reliable computer, internet connection, and a dedicated workspace free of distractions.

What is the recruiting process like at Alchemic Dream?

Once you submit your application and resume you’ll be contacted to take some amplitude tests and to setup a time for an interview. The interview is usually conducted via Skype.
After you complete your test you’ll be notified if you passed and move on to the hiring process. Don’t worry if you happen to fail the tests you can reapply in six months.

How do I apply to Alchemic Dream?

Go over to their careers page and apply for the position/s that you’re interested in. Good luck.

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