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Automattic Work at Home Review

work at home job with automattic review
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Automattic is a web development company behind, WooCommerceJetpack, and more! If you have a successful blog, you’ve probably heard about those companies.
They have 565 workers who they call Automatticians. These workers are located in 57 countries speaking 79 languages.
After reading their company overview and researching them extensively, I can say that this is a company that I can get behind. Their common goal is to

“democratize publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world.”

How can anyone not want to apply here after reading that?

What type of work at home jobs are available at Automattic?

Like most tech companies they have jobs in a variety of departments from sales to software development, marketing to accounting, business development to a Happiness Engineer(chat support).
When you join full-time they say you’ll do customer support for for the first three weeks and then spend a week in support annually, regardless of the position that you apply and are hired for.

Where does Automattic hire remote workers?

Automattic hires remote workers all over the world.

Am I an employee or contractor for Automattic?

According to their Work With Us page, they mention that they hire employees. However, this employee named Tish says that during the trial period she was an independent contractor.
So from my understanding when you start your on a trial period as a contractor. Then once you are hired on full-time you will then be considered an employee.

What are the hours and scheduling like at Automattic?

They hire workers for full-time and part-time positions. From everything I’ve read about this company on Glassdoor Reviews and the rest of the Internet, the hours are flexible.
So flexible that they have on their Work With Us page:

“We care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in.” – Automattic

I’ve read reviews from employees that back that statement up too. I found this blog post for example.

“For the most part, Automatticians are free to set their own schedule.” – Eric Binnion

How much does Automattic pay?

This depends on the number of hours that you work.
I did find on this thread, that Automattic seems to pay everyone a standard $25/hour no matter the position or location. This includes their happiness engineer positions. That’s a pretty good pay considering other customer service positions like Sykes, and Concentrix pay minimum wage.
They offer great benefits according to that thread, too (health, dental, life insurance, leave, etc.) Also, there is an annual salary review and you’ll apparently get raises. The salary seems to be between $69k-$99k a year according to Glassdoor.

Do you get training?

There is training, although it seems to be short. I’ve read on a number of sites I’ve linked to in this post that the training was two days.

What are the requirements to work from home with Automattic?

This depends on the job you’re applying for. You can click on the positions below and see the requirements for each position and learn how to apply.

  • JavaScript Engineer
  • Code Wrangler
  • Search Wrangler
  • Affiliate Wrangler
  • Business Development Wrangler
  • Marketing Designer
  • Director of Tax & Treasury
  • Performance Marketing
  • Technical Account Engineer
  • Enterprise Growth Engineer
  • Excellence Wrangler
  • Happiness Engineer

Good luck with your work at home applications!

I recommend that you read the Work With Us page before applying to get a sense of what the company is looking for.
After researching Automattic for this Work at Home with Me review I’ve fallen in love with the company. Yup, I’m fangirling over here. It’s like when you see an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed that you just can’t take your eyes off of. Well, Automattic’s atmosphere, mission, and goals are just, truly wonderful.
If you’re looking for some more happiness engineer posts check out this list of four tried and trusted companies.
What do you think of Automattic, do you love the idea of working there as much as I do?

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