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Work at Home with Sykes

sykes work at home review
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Sykes is just another call center job. If you read my Arise telecommuting review, this one is pretty much everything that one is less the flexibility of being an independent contractor. Sykes offers full-time and part-time positions and a variety of positions including billing, technical support, road-side assistance, and much more.

Where do they hire?

They hire in most Canadian provinces and United States. Click here to see if they hire in your area.
What is the work like?
As I mentioned in the intro, this is your typical call center job. You’ll be working as a phone agent, most likely(they do have training, team lead, and occasional chat positions.) If you have customer service experience, you’ll do fine at this job. I won’t go into much detail in regards to AHT, type of calls, etc. as this is always changing. However, I will mention that they do billing and technical support. Everything else is your typical call center scenario.
Also, you are an employee while working with Sykes, so you need to meet their requirements to work. For example, you have to provide proof that you are a Canadian or American citizen, over the age of 18, and eligible to work in the country in which you reside.
You will be required to have a computer with a reliable internet connection internet, POT, quiet office space, etc. Click here to see their home office requirements.
Is this a full-time, part-time, or extra-money type of job?

As you are an employee with Sykes, you will be either a full-time or part-time worker depending on which schedules are available out of training at the time you’re hired. I worked a full-time schedule of 40 hours per week in my two years of working for them. If their system is down, fear not, you will be paid assuming it’s their issue and not your personal tech issues.
Getting Paid:
You’ll get paid bi-weekly via direct deposit. Since you’re an employee the pay will be based on 1) the minimum wage in your location and 2) your experience. You’re not going to get rich with this job. Obviously… When was the last time you heard of someone who was rich working in a call center? However, the job is steady, and the pay is reliable.
Since you’re an employee, you also have health, vision, dental, and other benefits. Don’t forget about paid vacation after you’ve accumulated enough time. Depending on the laws in your area you’ll also be eligible for paid leave for those sick days. If you’re working on a stat holiday, you’ll get time or double time and a half. Also, even though it’s minimum wage think of all the money you’ll save on travel and things you can claim on your tax return.
What are other people saying about the company?
Since I’ve worked here personally for two years and have quite a few friends still working here in the four years that I’ve been gone, I’ll just give my honest and humble opinion. I’m sure you know how to use Google and can find other reviews as well.
This is your typical call center job. You’re an employee, and with that said, you’re protected by the labor laws in your area. Since this is a work at home job, you’re required to have equipment suitable for the job. Also, an office away from everyone else in your home. When I left they randomly started doing office audits via webcam to ensure agents had a suitable office free from noise, no cell phones, other computers, or people, etc.
The company has been around for some time, and you’ll see many reviews with love and hate for them. Most of the hate is due to the type of work. I worked with Sykes from 2010-2014 and never had an issue with pay. I also had tech issues for months and still received full pay for logging in every day to attempt to load a system that wouldn’t load. Yay for labor laws protecting us workers.
How to apply:
Go here and click on your location then select the work at home option. Fill out the online application and choose your job preference. Once a position becomes available you’ll be invited to a group interview and be told whether or not you have a job. Good luck.
Sykes is a legit way to work from home. You’ll get minimum wage, benefits, a steady schedule, and income working as an employee. If you’ve worked in a brick and mortar call center, Sykes is just that, except in your home office.

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