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CareerStep – Step 1 of Your Remote Dream Job

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It’s never too late to continue your education. That said, I thought I’d share an online school, called CareerStep, that I attended in 2008 to become a medical transcriptionist. The word “attended” isn’t the best fit since the program was all completed remotely online. I started school at CareerStep in 2008 living in my hometown and finished in 2010 after I moved to the city.
If you’re looking to learn new skills and land a job in healthcare, administrative positions, or technology, CareerStep is a flexible and affordable option. You can study anywhere and don’t have to worry when life changes and you need to up and leave, you can take school with you.
CareerStep’s curriculum is self-paced and includes everything you need from subscriptions of software, to books, and even equipment you might need to complete your studies like a foot pedal for their Medical Transcription program.
I studied medical transcription, but they offer a variety of online healthcare, administrative, technology, and continuing education programs. Since wahwithme shares work at home and remote job leads I will discuss their programs that will allow you to work from home after graduation.

Work from Home Health Care Programs at CareerStep

“Career Step’s Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS training program is one of the only online AHIMA-approved training programs, a one-year AHIMA student membership is included with your enrollment.”

Medical Coding and Billing (potential career income $28-$56k)

If you’ve ever been to a Hospital and had some sort of procedure that was covered by insurance you may have noticed certain codes on your bill that correspond with equipment, medication, or services used during your visit.
A medical coder and biller is responsible for analyzing patient charts and adding the appropriate codes used by doctors and insurance companies for billing purposes.
There are lots of work from home medical coding and billing companies always looking for workers, and here is a video with 5 reasons to become a Medical Coder:

Medical Transcription and Editing (income after graduation $20-$107k)

Each time you visit the doctor’s office or the emergency room your doctor needs to make notes for your medical history and records. To save time some doctors dictate this information and send it to a transcriptionist.
As a transcriptionist it’s your job to type this report with accuracy so you will need to know medical terminology, human anatomy, drug dosages, medical jargon, slang, etc. and CareerStep up will teach all of this.
As a Medical Transcriptionist you will have flexibility as a remote worker and you’ll be paid for the work that you complete, which means the more experience you gain, the faster you’ll become, and the more you’ll earn.
Here’s a short video from CareerStep to help you decide if Medical Transcription and Editing is right for you:

Administrative Programs

Executive Assistant (income potential $41-81k)

Executive Assistants help keep businesses afloat and they do almost everything you can think of. As an executive assistant you’ll could be responsible for:

  • managing the day-to-day operations of an office
  • planning and scheduling meetings, appointments, or events
  • managing projects and coordinating research
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Preparing and editing correspondence, reports, and presentations
  • managing social media accounts
  • writing content

Whether you want to work for someone else or branch off and start your own business this course will set you up fo success. You’ll improve your typing skills, become proficient with the whole Microsoft office suite, and to learn more about office management procedures.
Watch this quick video to see if an executive Assistant Career is for you:

Technology Programs

Computer Technician ($25-$51k)

Computer technicians are needed all day every day especially now since everyone has a computer. Technology is everywhere and it’s not going away anytime soon. Almost every household has a computer or mobile device and they may experience technical difficulties that require assistance. If you’re looking for a job that will never go away, in an industry with room to grow your career, this is your gig.
As a computer technician you will help support technology for businesses and individuals. You could repair or maintain hardware and software, work as part of an internal IT team providing support via phone, chat, or email.
CareerStep will help you gain the skills you need to earn CompTIA A+ certification to land your first gig.
Watch this short video to see if this is the right choice for you:

Continuing Education Programs

Microsoft Office

It’s pretty much expected that everyone knows how to use Microsoft office especially if you’re working from home.
It’s likely that you will need to use Word whether you’re writing for a publication or transcribing for company, or maybe you want to work as a virtual assistant and you need to create spreadsheets with Excel; CareerStep offers flexible and affordable training for the entire office suite.

Affordable Tuition

One of the many reasons I decided to continue my education at CareerStep, other than the fact that they have great reviews, is that their tuition is affordable and cost as little as $149-$3999 a program. If you’re a military spouse, service member, or part of a military family they offer you a nifty discount on all programs, too.
I weighed my options, I could have paid over $100,000 to go to university to be a nurse or less than $4000 to stay at home and work as a medical transcriptionist.  No-brainer right?
Since CareerStep’s programs are so affordable, your return on investment is high. Essentially you’ll make back your entire tuition the first two months that you work four 40 hour weeks.
Also, take into consideration that you’ll be working from home and you’ll get to save on expenses like gas, public transportation, wear and tear on your car, lunches, clothes etc. Not to mention all the time you’ll save when you no longer have to drive to and from work and get to spend that saved time doing what you love most.

Funding Options

If you can afford to pay for your program upfront CareerStep offers payment plans and other options for tuition.

  • You can make 3 monthly installments with no interest, or 12 monthly installments with 8% interest.
  • You may even qualify for state assistance through its Workforce Services or Vocational Rehabilitation programs for specific populations such as the underemployed, unemployed, and disabled.
  • Mountain America credit union offers a Line of credit for Education for students living in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico.
  • And my CAA funding offers funding for eligible military spouses so they can take programs without paying out-of-pocket and all of cursive’s programs are proof for my CAA funding.

My experience learning at CareerStep

When I studied at CareerStep, I was blown away by their support system; Anytime had a question it was answered within a few business hours.
Their online curriculum was laid out in a linear fashion and each module was strategically setup to build your knowledge starting with the basics and gradually moving up to the advanced concepts. There were mini quizzes throughout chapters, end-chapter tests, and end of section tests to give you a chance to test yourself and make sure you absorb the information you’re being taught.
I especially loved the transcription bit of the course. They provided me with hours of dictated medical reports from multiple fields of medicine. I transcribed emergency room, basic acute care, acute care, radiology, and many more medical transcripts. This part of the program can be used as experience on a resume too since it’s just like on-the-job transcription work.
All of the companies I applied to out of school have tests and samples they want you to transcribe to ensure you can do the job as a transcriptionist. CareerStep’s curriculum makes sure you can pass those tests and gain employment. You’ll get the skills and experience you need to land your first job in no time.

What other people are saying

I found over 400 reviews on TrustPilot where CareerStep has a unique rating of 8.4 of the 10 stars and Other people are saying:

“You Won’t Regret It”
“I am so amazed with the program”
“…it is just all around a great experience.”
“I can’t recommend CareerStep enough.”

It’s never to late for a new start so take the first step to a new career today and Request More Information from a guidance councelor. 
Let them know I sent you by giving them my Referrer ID: ref93405
Best luck with your education and future career endeavors.

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