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ConvertKit Remote Job – Review

ConvertKit Remote Jobs
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Working remotely at ConvertKit may be your dream job if you have a laptop and want to help creators succeed at making a living creating content that matters. These creators may be bloggers, authors, YouTubers, painters, musicians, designers, affiliate marketers, or teachers. You get to make a difference by helping them do what they love and make money online, while you work from home or anywhere with an Internet connection. How cool is that?
ConvertKit is an email marketing software that helps bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners grow their email lists, keep in contact with their customers, and overall grow their audience and income doing what they love. They want to help their customers be successful, and grow their businesses with ease, by creating software built by content creators for creators.
Since they are a SaaS (Service as a Software) company, ConvertKit has teams who work in a number of different departments like software engineers, customer success specialists, designers, content creators, affiliate managers, assistants, and other roles. These teams work together to maintain their software, brand, and business.

Where does ConvertKit hire?

ConvertKit hires worldwide and has 30 team members who live in 23 difference cities across the globe.

Does ConvertKit hire remote employees or independent contractors?

If you’re hired by ConvertKit, you’ll be an employee.

How much does ConvertKit pay for remote positions?

Your pay at ConvertKit will depend on the remote position that you’re applying for and your experience in said position.

Does ConvertKit offer employee benefits?

Yes! On a job description for a telecommuting Full-stack Senior Engineer, ConvertKit listed their employee benefits, which included three weeks paid vacation, seven paid holidays, and three sick days a year.
Their team also gathers twice a year in person for their team retreats. On top of all that, they offer a $2500 equipment allowance every two years, a $1000 annual vacation bonus, and a yearly conference credit.
Let’s not forget about standard health benefits; They have excellent healthcare and benefits that include eight weeks paid maternity and four weeks paid paternity leave, and a 4% matching 401k.

What are the schedules like for ConvertKit’s remote jobs?

Schedules will vary depending on the position you’re applying for, but they have full-time and part-time opportunities.
Also, since you’re working remotely for a tech company your schedule is your choice, for the most part. You can wake up and work in the morning, afternoon, evening, anytime really as long as you meet your deadlines for the company and submit your work on time.

What are the requirements to work at home with ConvertKit?

If you take a look at ConvertKit’s Mission page, you’ll get an idea of what they want in a worker. They want someone cares about their customers as much as they do. They want A-Players who care most about helping their customers, the creators, succeed.
As for education, skills, and technical requirements you’re expected to have laptop with Internet access. If you take a look at Charlie Prangley’s YouTube channel (She’s a designer at ConvertKit), you’ll see that she sometimes works at cafes. So, there’s no strict policy that you have to stay in your home office at all times while you’re working.
If you’re applying for a Software Engineer position, ConvertKit primarily use Rails, MySQL, Redis and Sidekick, and they’re looking for developers with full-stack Rails experience (preferably scaling a Rails app for rapid growth) and strong JavaScript experience with ES6, Webpack, and React or Angular.
Of course they may have other positions open for marketers, designers, and all of the other positions mentioned at the beginning of this post, and of course, the skillsets and requirements for those positions will differ.

How do I apply for remote jobs at ConvertKit?

Head on over to their Jobs page to see employment opportunities.

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