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Elegant Themes Remote Job – Review

Elegant Themes Remote Job Review
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Since you’re a user of the Internet, chances are you’ve seen some WordPress websites that are running an Elegant Themes’ theme (say that 10 times fast.) Most popular is their flagship theme Divi. They have over 400,000 customers that use their themes, drag-and-drop builder, and plug-ins.
Since they are a web development company, specifically WordPress, they have various employment opportunities including positions for WordPress developers, designers, project managers, content marketers, photographers, affiliate marketing managers, and many more.
Over the last 8 years they’ve grown to a team of 63 people, have 87 themes and five plug-ins on the market. They’re past the start up stage, but they’re still quite compact as a company.
That said, information about them from an employee perspective is hard to find. No really, they have one review on Glassdoor, but regardless here’s what I can tell you about working remotely at Elegant Themes.

Where does Elegant Themes hire?

Elegant themes hires in San Francisco and remotely in the United States.
I will note that their website indicates they have team members located all over the world, so it is possible they could hire outside of United States as well.
While reading a few of their employee bios, I noticed that some of them travel the world while working with Elegant themes. These are the type of remote opportunities that I love to find and share with you.

Does Elegant Themes hire remote employees or independent contractors?

If you’re hired by Elegant Themes, you’ll most likely be working as an employee. They do, however, sometimes have freelance and contract positions available.

How much does Elegant Themes pay for remote positions?

Your pay at Elegant Themes will depend entirely on the position in which you apply and your experience in said position.
Here are some numbers:
According to Indeed, the average salary for WordPress developers at Elegant Themes is $71,758.
Glassdoor shows the estimated salary of Online Content Creators at Elegant Themes to be $53,000.
I won’t list every single average estimated salary, but I will mention that on Elegant Themes’ career page they state end-year bonuses are paid in addition to their base pay.

Does Elegant Themes’ offer employee benefits?

Yes! As an employee at Elegant Themes you can expect your health and dental needs to be taking care of through their Kaiser Permanente group health plan.
They value work-life balance and every employee starts with paid vacation. In addition, each year that you work with them you’ll accumulate even more paid time off.
Elegant Themes also wants to invest in their employees’ future. As such, they offer full-time employees the option to take part in their 401k program, which includes company matching.

What are the schedules like for Elegant Themes’ remote jobs?

Schedules will vary depending on the position you’re applying for, but they have full-time and part-time opportunities.

What are the requirements to work at home with Elegant Themes?

If you apply to be a WordPress developer you are, of course, required to have a complete understanding of WordPress’ core software and its functions at the coding level, as well as experience building WordPress themes and plug-ins and have coding skills such as PHP, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript and GIT.
As a photographer, you’re expected to have an eye for photography.
Pretty straight forward stuff. Right?
I won’t bore you with all the details of every single position, so check out their career page and find a position that you’ll love.
Good luck with your applications.

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