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4 Websites That Pay You When You Shop

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save money and make money while you buy items that you need? Yeah.. Duh!
There are some things that we need and can’t live without right? Well, for me it’s things like groceries, hygiene products, clothes, and other necessities; you get the point. Don’t even get me started on shopping for the holidays. I enjoy buying other people gifts probably more than I enjoy getting them.
I use,, and BeFrugal. These sites are easy to use and give me cash back on all of my purchases. This year, so far, I’ve earned over $500 buying things like clothes, art supplies, technology, groceries, etc. Like I said I get cash back on all of my purchases. That’s not even including any referral bonuses that I’ve earned from inviting my family to reap the savings. I earn up to 40% cash back with these sites and on top of that I get up to 2% cash back on my credit card. It adds up with no effort on my part; I just let the applications do all the work while I have fun shopping.
Why do I use all of these sites and not just one? Simple answer is that sometimes doesn’t have the store I’m looking for, so I use, and if the both and .ca don’t have the site I’m looking for I use BeFrugal. Also, these sites have cash back bonuses, so some days one site may give me a larger amount of cash back back than the other.
I wanted to get this out to you guys because the holiday season is just about to start, and I wanted to let you in on this secret. I’d be doing a great public disservice if I let you shop for the holidays without knowing about these websites.

How do you sign up?

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to keep this site a free source of information for you. Thank you for your support.

  • Sign up with my link and get a $10 bonus when you make a purchase of $25 at any store of your choice.
  • Sign up with $5.00 sign up bonus when you make a qualifying purchase.
  • Sign up with my BeFrugal link and get a $10 bonus when you earn $10 cash back at any store of your choice.

How does Ebates work?

ebates cashback
When you login to your account, you’re presented with the screen above. It’s pretty straight forward. You can browse the stores offering cashback, find limited of time deals, or you can search for the store of your choice at the top with the search bar.
You also have the option to install the Ebates plugin that will pop up on your browser’s screen and notify you when you’ve landed on a store that qualifies for cash back. You can find the extension for you browser here. and .ca both have some great referral bonuses. referral rates referral rates referral rates referral rates
Don’t forget to use my referral links to get your signup bonus.

How Does BeFrugal Work?

BeFrugal Cashback
BeFrugal is the same as Ebates. Sign up for your account, look for deals, coupons, or search for the store that you’re looking for and start earning. You can also download the BeFrugal add-on which works similarly to Ebates’ plugin.
Like and .ca BeFrugal also has some great referral bonuses.

Be Frugal Referral Rates

befrugal referral rates

Bonus Savings

join Honey cashback
Sign up for Honey too. With Honey you can go to their website and browse 1000s of coupons like the photo shows above, or install their extension on your browser that will allow you to check for coupons and automatically apply them before you complete your purchase. How great is that?
Honey also has a referral program. You’ll get $5 for every friend who you refer when they make a qualifying purchase.
well, that’s how I save and make a ton of money purchasing items I need to have.
Have fun earning money this year. Let me know in the comments how much have you earned and saved with these sites?

2 thoughts on “4 Websites That Pay You When You Shop

    1. Yep, BeFrugal is for online only.
      If you’re looking to save money in-store. Do a quick search for apps for scanning your recipes. I used Checkout51 with great success when I shop in-store, but I make most of my large purchases online.
      I’ll add this to my list of articles to write next month. Keep an eye out for it. I’ll compile a list of ways to save on shipping in store 🙂

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