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Make Money With Pinterest on Autopilot

Make Money on Pinterest
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So you want to work from home? Lots of us do.
A lot of people I encounter searching for remote jobs have this idea that working at home will give them pure flexibility. They won’t have a set schedule, they can stay home with their children, fire their sitter, and take on the roll of being a parent while working a full-time remote job.
That idea is wonderful, it’s great, if it were true in every case.
While searching for work at home positions, you probably have noticed by now that there’s a trend. The companies who post these job openings want you to have an office space free of distractions or they want you to be working in a noise free environment. So that kind of kills the dream of pure freedom and flexibility while working at home right?
Well no, the dream isn’t entirely dead. In case you didn’t know, you can actually make money with Pinterest and affiliate programs.
Wait.. What?
Really, you can. Lots of people are doing it, and lots of people are turning it into a full-time job.
Since you’ll be starting this job on your own, without a company telling you what to do or when to do it, you can have your dream work at home job with the flexibly that you want.
Let’s first understand that while it is possible to make a living doing this type of work, it will take a while to build up a following and while you build that following the money will be rolling in slow. Think of this as a time investment; you’ll dedicate some of your free time now to reap the huge rewards later. It’s similar to blogging but not as much work.

So what do you need to make money on Pinterest?

  1. Pinterest Account
  2. ShopStyle Collective Account
  3. Tailwind.
  4. Time.

Yes, that’s all you need. All of which you can get today for free.
If you use my link for Tailwind you’ll get your initial 300 scheduled pins for free. Also you can use other affiliate marketing site too. ShareASale is a great option too.

Table of Contents

  • Sign up for a Pinterest Business account
  • Sign up for ShopStyle Collective
  • Sign up for Tailwind
  • Share ShopStyle Collective links

How to get a Pinterest Business account

I tell you to sign up for a business account so that you can enable rich pins. You can learn more about rich pins here. ShopStyle Collective doesn’t use Rich Pins but if you join an affiliate program like Awin, you’ll get to benefit from the Rich Pins feature.

How to join the ShopStyle Collective affiliate program

ShopStyle Collective is an affiliate program that will approve you immediately. So once you sign up you can start sharing links and get paid.
They pay you per view. This is not per view of your pin. A view is when someone clicks on the pin and gets redirected to the store to view the item for sale.
The pay will fluctuate depending on the item and the amount of sales you get. Most times I’m paid $0.05 per view but other times I’m paid $0.10 per view. It adds up, it took me an hour or so to schedule some pins in Tailwind and I just let it run for the month and I’ve made $15.95 on auto pilot.
As you can see from the analytics below, it’s been growing exponentially since I started.
ShopStyle collective income
If you take a look at the days following 8/10 you can see a decline in clicks.
What happened is, I stopped scheduling pins to see how much of an impact it would have. It significantly dropped the views and traffic to my Pinterest account and stopped my earnings, which shows great importance for Tailwind and scheduling your pins to maximize your earnings.

Sign up for Tailwind

You will get 300 free pins to schedule to try Tailwind out. If you want to grow your income quickly, I highly recommend signing up for the paid version which will allow you to schedule 400 pins a month. It will pay for itself; mine already has.

How to Share ShopStyle Collective Links on Pinterest

Now that you have Pinterest, ShopStyle Collective, and Tailwind it’s time to put in work and make some money.
There are two ways to share.

Share directly to Pinterest

  • Log into your ShopStyle Collective account and on the left side you’ll see SEARCH click on search
  • Search for an item
  • Click on the item
  • Share via the Pinterest social button

Share via the LINKIT Button

You’ll find the LINKIT button on the left navigation in your ShopStyle Collective dashboard.
Once you have the LINKIT button on your bookmark bar go to the store of your choice. For example, Go to, find an item you want to share, click the LINKIT button, and you will be presented with social share buttons, which include Pinterest.

Schedule in Tailwind

Turn some on music, grab a tea or coffee, and start scheduling.

  • login to ShopStyle Collective
  • search for an item
  • Save the photo of the item
  • Click the copy link button
  • login to Tailwind
  • On the left side in Tailwind locate the navigation bar
  • Click on the megaphone icon (Publish Button)
  • Click on drafts
  • Click on upload Images
  • Select your photo
  • Choose the board
  • Enter a description
  • Paste the link you copied from ShopStyle Collective
  • Click Add to Queue

Add up to 400 pins in your Tailwind queue if you purchase a subscription. You can share about 12 pins a day in a 31 day month with their plan. The more you share the more people will see your products. The more they’ll buy and the more money you’ll make.
Good luck with your affiliate marking endeavors.make money with pinterest and tailwind

2 thoughts on “Make Money With Pinterest on Autopilot

  1. Hi!
    Do you have a promo code for ShopStyle Collective? It’s asking for a promo code while I’m signing up. I want to make sure you get the referral.. And are there any other affiliate programs you would suggest and also, would you suggest just focusing on one or two affiliate programs or is it the type of thing, where the more the merrier? Or just find a balance?
    P. S. Thank you for this site and blog post! Just found you a few minutes ago and immediately signed up for your newsletter lol

    1. Hey Nicole, thanks for asking but SSC doesn’t have a referral program, I wish. Thanks for the support and I’m happy to have you on my newsletter 🙂
      I use a lot of affiliate marketing programs. ShareASale and Amazon are my favorite since they have so many different products to offer, but using Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest is a bit iffy and I’ve read mixed reviews regarding Amazon’s policies.
      It really depends on your niche and what your viewers would be interested in. For example, I use affiliate programs for SiteGround and MailerLite for blogging content. Grammarly and Amazon for transcription content. Through Share A Sale, I have a few affiliate links for some resume websites, online courses, and other stores.
      If there’s a product you want to promote, you can bet there is probably an affiliate program for it. So just promote products you can get behind. The more you believe in a product the easier it’ll be to share the benefits to others.
      Good luck. 🙂

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