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3 Remote Medical Coding Jobs

3 medical coding jobs
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A remote medical coder’s main task is to review medical statements and assign them the appropriate standardized codes by using CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II classification systems. ICD-10-CM, for example, consists of more than 68,000 alphanumeric codes, which are designations given to every diagnosis, symptom, disease, condition, injury, etc. Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember every single medical code; computers have come a long way and aid a medical coder in their work.

Do I need an education to become a Medical Coder?

You may be wondering if you need an extensive and expensive education to become a medical coder, and while earning a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree can strengthen your career, it’s not required.
What is required, however, is to show proficiency and a strong foundation of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. For those of you serious about becoming a medical coder, it’s recommended that you complete a medical coding course in preparation to pass an exam to designate yourself as a Certified Professional Coder.
I recommend studying at Career Step, since I studied Medical Transcription online in 2008 and had a great experience with their online, self-paced curriculum. Most importantly, their Medical Coding and Billing certificate is approved by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Most companies like the ones mentioned below require an AHIMA approved education. Career Step’s course is affordable and will cost you less than $3700 and includes everything you need to become certified as a professional Medical Coder.

How much money do medical coders make?

Medical coders earn between $24 to $40 an hour across the US. This income will depend entirely on the credentials, tenure, and location of each individual medical coder.
Since you’re working in the health care industry, you’ll likely be an employee and it’s safe to say that almost all of the remote Medical Coding positions you apply for will have health, dental, insurance, and other employee benefits.
Now let’s get to the list.

Three Companies that hire remote Medical Coders:

1.Conifer health solutions

conifer medical coding job reviewConifer Health Solutions was founded in 2008 and they provide medical coding to doctors all over the US. They primarily hire Inpatient Coders, but have positions for remote Medical Coder Supervisors also.
Conifer Health Solutions want their remote medical coders to have one to three years of experience, and they require their Medical Coders to have AHIMA or AAPC approved credentials. Career Step’s practicum counts as one year of experience and is AHIMA accredited, which is why I mentioned them first. This company could be your foot in the door and give you that 3-5 years experience you need for other gigs.
According to reviews on Glassdoor, the average pay reported by Medical Coders working for Conifer Health is $26 an hour. While Coding mangers reported average salaries to be around $75,000 a year.
Head on over to their website and search for remote to apply to their Medical Coding positions. They’re almost always hiring and even offer sign-on bonuses for some positions.


parallon medical coding remote job
Parallon has been around for over 15 years and they represent 10% of the US healthcare industry. They say on their homepage that they serve more than 600 hospitals and 2600 physician practices across the United States.
Parallon hires in multiple states for various remote positions including CLE Pharmacists, Revenue Cycle Insurance Managers, Financial Analysts, Outpatient Scheduling Coordinator, Medical Coders and Coding Integrity Specialists III. They stress how their company encourages employees to grow and advance their careers.
Depending on the position you’re applying for, they may require you to have some experience. I found Parallon on Career Step’s website, however, and one of their graduates named Ashleigh was hired on through Parallon’s “New Graduate Program.” After completion of that program she was a pool coder where she coded charts. If you’re just finishing school, keep an eye out for that opportunity.
If you’d like to apply search for work from home, work at home, or WFM on their Career Page.

3.Peak Health Solutions

Peak Health Solutions medical coding jobsPeak Health Solutions has been around since 2004. They allow you to work 100% remotely. They also offer training and stress the importance of career advancement, stating that they offer lots of opportunities. They have a 4 star rating on Glassdoor, and like the two aforementioned companies, they offer great employee benefits.
They want their medical coders who have completed a coding certificate program that is compliant with AHIMA or AAPC , and they want 2+ years of experience.
The estimated pay as a Remote Medical Coder at Peak Health Solutions is between $18-$30 per hour.

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