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75+ Remote Tech Companies With Non-Tech Positions Available

remote tech jobs
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If you’re not a software engineer, web developer, AI researcher, or have a profession that requires advanced technical knowledge, don’t fret! These tech companies are businesses and like every other business out there they need to fill non-technical roles too.

The list of positions that tech companies hire for is never ending. They hire marketers, teachers, data scientists, front-end devs, support agents, accountants, sales reps, paralegals, and for many more professions.

Most of the time they’re looking for employees(not independent contractors) and offer full-time and part-time opportunities with the option of employee benefits. You may find contractor and freelance positions posted some days, too.

This list will link you to the company’s website or to a review written by wahwithme that will provide you with more information on what the company does, where they hire, how much they pay, and more.

Good luck with your remote job search.

WP Development, Marketing, Support Finance, More
DellData Scientist, Software development, Security, Finance, More
Sutherland Global Services
Gaming Consultant, IT specialist, Help desk, customer service, technical support, Finance, More
Sales ForceNon-Phone, Tech, Marketing, Sales, Software Development, More
Sales, Marketing, Software Development, Non-Phone, More
Sales, Marketing, Software Development, Non-Phone, More
Sales, Marketing, Software Development, Non-Phone, More
xeroxService, Data Entry, Software Development, Admin, Quality Control, More
AppleService, Phone, Non-Phone, Designer, Consultant, More
GitHubSales, Marketing, Software Development, Non-Phone, More
ADPSoftware Developer, human resource, customer service, phone, data science, more
HumanaSoftware Development, Medical Records, Sales, TeleNurse, health, insurance, phone, non-phone, more
CDI CorporationSoftware Development, Tech, UX researcher, Proggrammer
IXL LearningSoftware Development, UX Design, UI Design, Marketing, Tech, more
GrubHubSoftware Development, UX Researcher, Sales, Tech , more
UserTestingSoftware Testing, User Testing
PythianSoftware, Development, MySQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB, more
MTM Technologies Inc.Tech, Cloud, Network, Software Development, System Admin, more
Visual Designer, System Admin, Software Development
User Testing
EnrollUser Testing
IntelliZoomUser Testing
User Test
User Testing
User Testing
User Testing
User Testing
User Testing
What Users Do
User Testing
User Testing
User Testing, Beta Testing, Alpha Testing, Technical
User Testing, Debugging, Technical
Web Development, Finance, Design, More
Elegant Themes
Web Development, Design, WordPress, Software Development, WordPress, Finance, More
Service, Phone, Management, Human Resources, Tech, Development, more
Service, Technical Support, Phone, Software Development, web development
Quartzy Web Development, Front-End, Back-End, More
Proxyclick Web Development, Marketing, Account Management, More
Sonnera Human Resources, More
Aha! Customer Support, Software Development, Web Dev, Security, Marketing, Writer, more
Semaphore Support, Marketing, Linux System Admin, PR, Project Managers, more
Lasso Office Admin, Front-End Development, Software Development, Cloud-based CRM, More
Danconia Web Development, writers, Marketing, more
Heetch EUSoftware Development, Finance, IOS, QA Automation, More
Mixmax Software Development, More
Karat Interviewer, Contractors, Software Dev, More
Sticker Mule Software Development, JavaScript, More
PCulture Software Dev, Finance, book keeper, Transcription
Analytics Sire Data Science, Machine Leanring, Software Development, DevOps, Security, More
Mozilla Team manager, Andoid Developement, Software Dev, Data Analyst, Designer, UX, Product Manager, More
Student Loan HeoMarketing, Editorial, Writer, Product Designer, Customer Experience, more
Axios AI, Copy Writer, Editor, IOS, Android, Software Dev, more
Vox Media Software Dev, Writer, Social Media, Manager, Product Designer, More
Shopify Support, Managers, Data stores, Software Dev, more
Stack Overlow Web Dev, Community Manager, Marketing, more
BufferProduct Manager, Web Dev, More
Auth0 Software Dev, Web Dev, Designer, QA test automation, more
Cratejoy Software Dev, More
InVisionDesigner, UX, Sales, Dev, Paralegal, Marketing, More
General Assembly Web Dev, Data Analytics, Teacher, Data Science, More
Flywheel Support, Recruiter, Marketing, Product Dev, Manager, more
Wikimedia Foundation UX, Web, Software, saftey, Security, more
Lambda School Teacher s for Android, Automation testing, Blockchain, Security, more
Rainforest Data Science, Software, web, Dev, More
CodeCombat Suport, Dev, more
Trello Software Development, Support, Manager, IOS, Data Scientist, More
The Linux Foundation Writers, Developers, Sysops, Community, More

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