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3 Remote Writing Gigs That Pay $100 per Article

remote writing jobs that pay $100 an article
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Are you looking to make extra money online? Maybe you want to work from home full-time, or you’re just looking for a flexible way to make some extra cash. Freelance writing for already established blogs or websites will allow you to do just that.
In case you missed it, a few weeks back I published a few articles regarding working from home as a writer. One was a list of companies in various niches that were looking for articles and the other was a master list of writing gigs. Whether you’re a mommy blogger, technical writer, foodie, bookaholic, world traveler there is a niche out there for you and someone will pay for your story.
There are entry-level gigs that’ll pay $10 for a few hundred words and there’re higher paying publications that will pay you $700 or more for 2500 words. Today I’ll give you three websites or magazines that’ll pay you at least $100 for your submissions. 
Let’s get to it…

1. Alaska Beyond Magazine

travel remote jobsAlaska Beyond Magazine is a travel, lifestyle, and business publication covering the Alaska Airlines route system. They Look for writers with eloquent images and a strong narrative flow.
They want articles focused specifically on Alaska Airlines route system, but this covers a wide range of niches including travel destinations, technology, sports, educational, personal, investment and other topics.
Payments begin at $150-250 for short, 200-600 word articles in their journal section. They also pay up to $700 for features that are between 2000 to 2500 words long.

2. A List Apart

software development remote tech jobs
A List Apart is a website revolving around web development. Topics discussed on their site include design, development, the meaning of web content, and articles that focus on best practices and web standards.
The niche of web development is quite broad and they welcome developers, architects, strategists, designers, writers, project managers, and other specialists. If you work in web development, have a topic you think is worth discussing, are a bold and an interesting human being, submit a draft, or pitch an idea; They want to hear from you.
According to multiple sources after searching on Google they pay $200 per article.

3. The War Cry

Data EntryIs a publication by the Salvation Army that’s been around for over 137 years. They have 12 publications a year including special issues at Christmas and Easter. Their publications averages 185,000 copies a month, 1.7 million at Christmas, and 1 million at Easter.
They’re looking for submissions of articles, reprints, photographs, news, fiction, and non-fiction. They have monthly themes on their guidelines that include topics like 1940s heritage, kids education, Easter, Christmas, and other Christian topics.
They pay $0.35 per word for full-rights, one-time use articles and $0.15 per word for reprints.

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