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Recommended Equipment

Work at home and remote companies will require different computer specifications for difference jobs. Some may insist that you have a desktop computer, while others may allow you to work on a laptop.
Since hardware requirements are on a case by case basis, I encourage you to read more about the job that you’re applying to before you invest in a computer and software for your home office.
On the topic of specifications, to maximize your options I recommend a Windows desktop with at least:

Shop for those specs: Desktoplaptops, and monitors


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Once again, software depends entirely on the job that you’re applying for but here are some products I recommend for everyone:

Business Owners / Bloggers


I recommend SiteGround if you’re just starting out with a website. They offer affordable plans starting at less than $4 a month, and their support is phenomenal. If you get stuck they’re there for you every step of the way.

Name Cheap

Even if you decide to start off with free hosting I recommend getting a custom domain to stand out. I use Name Cheap for all of my domains. They offer affordable domains, WordPress, and VPS hosting.

The most important element of any business or blog is growing your e-mail list and Mailerlite makes the process super easy. With their drop and drag builder you’ll save so much time.


Need to get seen online? Pinterest drives over 10,000 visitors to my website every month. Tailwind makes scheduling Pins a breeze and their exclusive Tribes gets you even more shares and traffic.


A little more automation to save you time. Loop pins in your Pinterest boards and generate more traffic on autopilot. For as little as $5 a month Board Booster is a steal of a deal.


If This Than That lets you automate so many aspects of your business and life. Find an applet for auto sharing content and take back your precious time.


Express Scribe

Pretty much every transcription company you’ll work for that pays a decent wage will want you to have Express Scribe. Get it now and put it on your resume to stand out.


If you’re transcribing with companies that have an online platform for listening and typing, Pedable allows you to set hotkeys to your foot pedal.

Foot Pedal
I was given this Foot Pedal as part of my tuition for Career Step in 2008 and it’s quality is exceptional. It’s lasted me a decade and will a few more.

Call Center

USB Headset

You’ll need a USB headset for training and meetings throughout your employment.


Most call centers use a plain old telephone (POT) line so you’ll need a hardwired phone.

Phone Headset
Depending on your phone you can get a headset with aux or a phone jack.



I attended CS online in 2008-2010 for Medical Transcription but they offer IT courses, Virtual Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, and more. They provide you with all the materials and equipment you need to succeed.


Is subscription based. You pay a small monthly fee and have access to all of their courses. Learn how to blog for money, paint and sell prints, market your home business, and much more.

Another subscription learning environment for everything technology. If you want an increase in pay and the option to work from home learn from their premium, quality classes.


Courses on just about anything you can imagine. Learn how to market your business, start an online shop, become a virtual assistant, and more. Free and paid courses available.


Learn what it takes to become a full-stack web developer for free. If you’re self-motivated take this course, build your portfolio, and get your dream work at home job.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on those platforms, anything that you want to learn is at your fingertips. Google is your friend use it to your advantage.

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