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Since you’re reading this, I think I’m okay with assuming that you have access to a computer, of sorts. When I say computer, this could include a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Anything that can access a web browser, use applications, and run either: Windows, OS X, Android, Windows Phone(WP), or even Chrome OS. So, since you have a computer(and a microphone built-in or plug-in), you’ll be pleased to know that you can apply to UserTesting to become a tester.
Where do I have to live to apply to UserTesting?
If you have access to the internet, you can work with them. They do list all the places they accept applications from on this page.
What’s UserTesting? What is the work like? Do I need to be a tech nerd?
If you view UserTesting’s website, they give a description of the work as follows.

1 – Visit a website or an app
2 – Complete a set of tasks, speaking your thoughts out loud
3 – Get Paid

Sounds easy right? Well, yeah… It is pretty easy. The above quote from UserTesting is a clear description of what the job actually is.
Once you log in, you’ll be presented with a dashboard where you can accept tests. After you accepted the test, you simply follow the tasks given to you by the company requesting feedback. Once you’ve finished recording just upload your test — voila, finito! This is all done with UserTestings software.
UserTesting’s tests (say that ten times fast), usually have a qualifying questionnaire before you accept and complete the test. For example, they may be looking for testers who use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on a daily basis, or looking for testers who just like to shop online with no advanced technical knowledge. They might just be looking for people who live in a certain location: Canada, USA, Sweden, etc.
On the note about being tech savvy, it’s ideal that you know how to install and uninstall applications on your device of choice. It’s not a super-high-tech-debugging-code type of job — at all. If you can use a smartphone, navigate a website, and talk with your big girl or boy voice, you’ll do great.
The key to testing with UserTesting is to talk. Speak your mind! Explain your thought process; the good, the bad, and even the ugly. What do you like about the site? What did you not like about the app? Was something broken? Did you expect something else to happen when you clicked on a link? Etcetera! Just talk, talk, talk while you’re recording. You get paid to give your opinion and who wouldn’t like that?
UserTesting has a star rating system, too. The client will watch your test and give you a rating based on your feedback and helpfulness. You’re given a rating between 1-5 Stars, and this score will be taken into account when new test are available. Someone with five stars will get more opportunities than a tester with 1 star. Once you’ve signed up, UserTesting will send you some helpful tutorials and hints on achieving a high score. If you accept a test without qualifying in the questionnaire, you will automatically receive a 1-star rating and will not get paid.
Hourly wage and getting paid:
UserTesting typically pays $10 per test which on average take between 20-40 minutes to complete. They also have the rare short test that pays $3 for about 5-10 minutes of your time. I’ve also received a $10 bonus from a client who found my uploaded test very helpful.
After you completed a test, the payment is listed as “pending” in your dashboard. The funds are paid exactly seven days to the minute after you submitted your test, to your PayPal account.
Is this a full-time, part-time, or extra money type of job?
UserTesting is an extra money type of “job.” I wouldn’t even call it a job. I mean technically you’re getting paid to do this “work, ” but I enjoy it so much that I would hardly call it work. Since tests are posted based on client need, ou might not qualify for a test in days, weeks, or months. So don’t quit your day job. However, if you have the time, UserTesting is a nice way to supplement your income.
Sometimes you can qualify for conferences or longer studies. These typically run for 2-7 days and you must dedicate 1 hour per day, and if you fail to do so you will get a 1-star rating. I have yet to qualify for one of these.
What do people say about UserTesting?
Since I personally test for UserTesting, I will assure you that it’s worth your time if you’re looking to supplement your income. It’s not a scam and I’ve only had good experiences with UserTesting. The most I’ve made a month was $120 in March; the least was $30 in August. This year I’ve made a total of $566 USD. So as mentioned it’s great for earning extra money.
I enjoy testing new applications and I’ve found a lot of good websites and products that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about, if not for UserTesting. I also feel good about helping others improve their websites and applications.
How To Apply:
Go to, sign up, and complete the sample test. (Note: I’ve read about people failing the test and not being able to apply again.) If I remember correctly UserTesting sends a helpful video to give you pointers to pass the sample test.
If you have a computer, phone, or tablet and a microphone UserTesting is a legit way to earn some extra cash at home. It is, however, not a full-time or part-time gig it’s only good for extra cash.

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