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Make $2000 a Month Teaching English Online at VIPKID

VIPKID review
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VIPKID is an online education firm that strives to teach Chinese students between the ages of 4-12 American elementary English. They were founded in 2013 and are an established company. According to a post by Duozhi, VIPKID has over 500,000 registered students and 20,000 teachers.
As a teacher, you will choose your schedule four weeks in advance. During your scheduled workday, you’ll teach immersive one-on-one English lessons to students via web camera. Each lesson will take approximately 23-minutes to conclude.
Depending on the student’s age and skills, your lessons will vary between teaching the alphabet, phonics sounds, colors, numbers, how to read independently, conversational skills, etc.
Those who work at VIPKID love the flexibility of choosing their schedule, the competitive compensation, and the overall joy of teaching children.
Look at what Clara had to say about her experience teaching with VIPKID:

Working from home with VIPKID offers pure flexibility, so if you want to travel this is the gig for you! Devan is taking advantage of this and let us know how grateful she is for the opportunity:

As you can see, teaching at VIPKID is an excellent work from home opportunity and if your flexible with your schedule you can make it your full-time job. The choice is ultimately yours. If you meet the requirements, head on over and apply today.

Where does VIPKID hire online English teachers?

VIPKID currently hires US and Canada residents who have access to a reliable internet connection.

Am I an employee or contractor with VIPKID?

You are an independent contractor while working with VIPKID, and this means that you are responsible for filing your taxes. You won’t receive benefits or health insurance, which is typical of being an independent contractor.
Each contract you sign lasts for a six month period, and at the end of your contract, you can resign or even have opportunities to move on up to other positions within the company.
The benefits of being a contractor are significant, though. You choose your schedule four weeks in advance, and you can schedule time off whenever you want.

What are the schedules and hours like at VIPKID?

You will be teaching children that live overseas and peak work hours will be between 5am-9am EST. If you’re not a morning person, you might want to pass on this job. But If you live on the west coast this won’t be too bad of a schedule.
You could expect hours between Monday-Sunday 6am-10am EST or Friday-Sun 9pm-11pm. Ultimately the choice is yours since you choose your schedule you get to decide what hours you work.

How much does VIPKID pay?

VIPKID offers you competitive payments. Pay is a minimum of $7-$9 per 30-minute lesson. Plus! You get Participation and Finished Class Incentives.
Including these incentives, you’ll make approximately $14-$22 per hour that you work. To qualify for bonuses and incentives, you must schedule yourself to work a minimum of 22.5 hours a month.
Payday is between the 10th and 15th every month and is direct deposit.

What education do I need to teach at VIPKID?

Since you will be educating children, you do need to have an education of your own. You need a Bachelor’s degree in any subject to apply.
Your Bachelor’s degree does not have to be a teaching related degree or license. It could be a Computer Science degree. They just want teachers that have attained a degree.
They also ask that you have teaching experience, but this experience doesn’t need to be formal in-classroom teaching.
If you haven’t completed your Degree yet, check out the master list of work at home companies for other work at home jobs.

What equipment do I need to teach English online?

You need a reliable high-speed Internet connection, a computer(windows or mac), and web camera.
Some teachers at VIPKID also invest in some extra tools like whiteboards, dolls, and other toys. You’ll be teaching young kids so keeping them entertained and engaged during the lessons will help with the lessons.

What is the application process at VIPKID?

They have a simple system for applicants. It’s six-step process as follows:

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Submit your Resume for a screening of your qualifications.
  3. You chose between one-on-one 30-minute Interview or recording a demo lesson so that a VIPKID recruiter can evaluate your teaching skills.
  4. Complete video training to learn about VIPKID’s technology, standards, and curriculum.
  5. Attend a mock class to practice teaching a full-length lesson with a VIPKID teacher.
  6. Complete your onboarding paperwork and create a profile for VIPKID students and their parents to get to know you and to book classes with you.
  7. You’re officially a teacher now! Select your schedule in the portal so students can start booking you.

Best wishes with your applications to VIPKID. I wish you success in your work at home journey. Let me know if you apply.
Have you taught English with VIPKID or another company? Let us know in the comments.

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