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Vocalabs Work from Home Job Review (flexible)

vocalabs work at home review
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Vocalabs (Vocal Laboratories Inc.) hires work from home survey administrators to conduct research on behalf of businesses. These businesses want to understand the customer’s experience to ensure they provide the best customer service to their customers. That’s where Vocalabs’ work at home survey administrators come into play.
You may be wondering what exactly a survey administrator is.
Just to paint a picture, have you ever received a phone call after you’ve spoken to a customer service representative asking about your experience during that call?  This will be your job as a remote survey administrator with Vocalabs. You will call customers who recently had a customer service experience and survey them on their experience during that interaction.
As a worker at Vocalabs, you’ll log into their website, choose a survey, and conduct calls to customers asking them to rate their service experience of their most recent call to a call center. This is not a cold-calling position, meaning you will only need to ask customers questions about their experience and you will not be required to sell anything.
You may be concerned about long distance changes if you have to conduct calls out of state. Don’t worry, Vocalabs will have you dial into their toll-free number to be connected to the person you’re interviewing. Note: Vocalabs did say you may be responsible for a few long-distance calls while they evaluate the quality of your work.

Does Vocalabs hire employees or independent contractors?

Vocalabs hires you on as an independent contractor.

Where does Vocalabs hire?

Vocalabs requires that their contractors live in and be authorized to work in The United States.

What are the hours and scheduling like at Vocalabs?

As a work at home independent contractor, one key benefit you’ll have is being able to scheduling and maintain your own hours in which you work.
You can log into their system anytime and if there are calls to be made you can accept them or decline them. You are under no obligation to work a maximum or minimum amount of hours. You have complete flexibility over your schedule.
That said, keep in mind that the amount of work will largely depend on client need. You may log in one day and work 10 calls an hour, while other days you may only get one or two calls.

How much does Vocalabs pay survey administrators?

Vocalabs pays a minimum of $2.50 for each call that you complete.  You’re paid at least weekly via PayPal.
They mention in their information pack that a typical interview is about 5-minutes long. They also say during busy times it’s possible to complete 10 calls an hour. If we do some math, this amounts to $25.00 an hour. That sounds like a sweet gig to me.

What are the requirements to work from home with Vocalabs?

They list their requirements on their website and they’re pretty generic for this type of work:

  • Speak fluent English with an excellent telephone voice
  • Have a customer-pleasing attitude
  • Demonstrate your ability to conduct phone interviews professionally.
  • Consent to having all interviews recorded
  • Live in and be authorized to work in The United States.
  • Agree to Vocalabs’ Terms of Participation
  • Provide tax information.

As for their tech requirements you’ll need:

Also, since this is a telephone job you will need a dedicated office space free of noise and distractions. Since you’ll be doing call center work, I recommend a desk and chair to ensure the utmost comfort while you work.
If you want to maximize your call time I’d recommend a headset with your phone to free your hands for multitasking. Amazon has a good deal on a bundle here.

Other information I found about Vocalabs:

There’s not a lot of talk about Vocalabs. I have found a few other reviews on the company like the one I’ve written here, but nothing from people who have worked for this company.  I also haven’t found anything negative being said about them either, so that’s always a good sign. As I mentioned in my monthly newsletter, a lack of information isn’t always a bad sign.
I found an article published by the Better Business Bureau that mentioned surveys conducted by Vocalabs. This leads me to believe that they are legitimate and that’s why they’re on my site right now.

How can I apply to work at home with Vocalabs?

If you’re interested in applying you can go to Vocalabs’ work at home page. From there you’ll find the information packet near the bottom of the page. Once you read through it in its entirety and still feel as though you want to apply, you’ll find the steps on how to audition by phone for the position.
The audition consists of a short script that you will read and leave with your contact information via a voicemail. Once your audition is submitted you will have to wait to hear back from them. They do have a waiting list so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from them immediately.
Good luck with your applications. 🙂

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