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Work at Home Data Entry Job with Great American Opportunities – Review

great american opportunities data entry review
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If you have been searching for data entry jobs then you are probably aware that most are scams. In this sea of scams, there has to be a legitimate company out there somewhere right? Yes, you’re right, and Great American Opportunities is one of those legitimate and reputable companies.
Since data entry is a sought after in the world of work at home jobs, they do have a lot of applicants and even recently have a waiting list. So when you apply don’t expect to start working right away. However, if you pass their test with flying colors (how do colors fly?) you are likely to get the job before someone who scored lower than you. So bring your  A game.
Okay, okay, enough with all these idioms let’s get into the review.

Great American Opportunities review:

Great American Opportunities is a fundraising company who hires you to work from home and do data entry as an independent contractor. The job consists of you typing in handwritten names and addresses from scanned magazine order forms.

Where does Great American Opportunities hire?

They hire in the United States.

Am I an employee or contractor?

You will be an independent contractor.

What are the hours and scheduling?

There is no schedule, you can log in and work any time that you want, assuming there is work available. They do most of the work in September -December and sometimes have work to be done in the spring.
This job is seasonal, so it’s wise to treat the position as an extra-cash type of job. I’ve read from employees than since this position has become popular the work is slow to come in during the busy season, too.

How much does Great American Opportunities pay?

They pay you per form you key in, and on average they pay per form is $0.10-$0.40. Most workers make an average of $9 and hour. You are paid via direct deposit weekly.

Do you get paid training?

Since this job requires you to merely look at words and number on a document and type what you see into a system there won’t be any extensive training.

What are the requirements to work at home?

You’ll need a Windows computer and a high-speed Internet connection. You will be required to download their software to do the work. Once you’re hired, they will send you a link to download this software before you start working.
You also need to pass their aptitude test which is essentially a simulation of the work you’ll be doing. You’ll be tested on speed and accuracy while keying in the scanned documents. If you fail this test, you can try again, but they make you wait one year, and you’re only allowed to retest once.

Where can I apply to this work at home job?

They do not list this job opening on their website but you can send them an e-mail to Include your full name, phone number, address, and express interest in their work at home data entry position.

What are people saying about Great American Opportunities?

As expected most of what I’m reading about this data entry position is positive. A lot of work at home jobs don’t allow for such flexibility or simple work. What’s better than sitting at home not having to talk to customers or answer to anyone and just key letters and numbers into a system? Don’t take my word for it though; you can look here and see all the reviews about this position at Great American Opportunities.
Like I mentioned before this job is highly sought after and on a few forums and other websites I noticed these comments:

“…but there is a wait list of like TWO YEARS for trying to get on with this company” – WAHM 2011
“I’ve been lucky enough to get this job for last 4 years, but their volume has decreased tremendously. I spend more time waiting on work to be scanned than actually keying and making money.” -RWTEMO 2016

Just like all companies things change, workflow changes, need for workers, the amount of work, etc. all change so take these comments with a grain of salt. The only way to know for sure is to apply and see for yourself .
I hope you found this review helpful. What other types of work at home jobs would you like me to research? Let me know in the comments below. Just to end this off on a positive note. Smile just because you can. Have a wonderful day all.  🙂

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