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Work at Home Review of Kelly Services

work from home kelly service connect review
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So you want to work from home? Well, you’ve come to the right place I’m always encouraging people to kick their commute and enjoy all the benefits of working from their home office.
Just so you know most call center jobs ask that you have experience. Don’t worry! If you have no experience working in a call center setting you can still get hired. Any experience in a service position is transferable to the phones. Meaning if you’ve ever been a cashier, waiter, receptionist, [insert any job that required you to talk to customers here] you can still land this job. My first job in my entire life was at a call center so there’s hope for everyone. Just apply don’t let the requirements scare you.
You just need to be polite and know how to talk to people. Also, since this is an at home position you must be able to use a computer. I mean that’s a given, right? Enough of all this jabber lets get into the review.

Kelly Services / Kelly Connect work at home review: 

Kelly Services is a temporary staffing business, and they have been a leader in this industry since 1946. They have a team called KellyConnect, which staffs people to work from home as customer service and technical support agents.

Where does Kelly Services / Kelly Connect hire ?

This work at home opportunity is only located in the United States at this time.

Am I an employee or contractor?

You will be an employee of Kelly Services according to their frequently asked question page.

What are the hours and scheduling?

I’ve read on Indeed reviews that you’ll work seven-hour to nine-hour shifts with two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch. Also, your schedule is accessible a for you to view a week in advance and can fluctuate day by day.  This fluctuation in time, as I understand, changes based on a block of time you choose work and depending on the day you could start your shift at 10 am, 12 pm, and 1 pm and the end times would change respectively.

How much does Kelly Services / Kelly Connect pay?

Their pay ranges from $10-$17 an hour according to the company themselves, and on Indeed and other job review sites, the average is listed at $11.50 an hour. They also say in their job listings that they offer a one-time $500 training completion bonus, and $250 performance bonus on one of their job listings.

Do you get paid training?

On their job listing, as mentioned above, they say after 90 days Advisors are eligible for a one-time $500 training completion bonus.

What are the general requirements to work at home?

Their list of requirements are the usual like most work at home call center companies I’ve listed some here:

  • high school diploma
  • 18 years or old
  • Minimum of six months customer service experience
  • phone and internet service
  • a quiet work environment is vital

As for equipment, if you work Apple they send you a computer to work on, but if you’re required to have your own equipment they will list it in the job description that you’re applying for. Typically with call center jobs, you are required to have an area away from people, kids, animals, and anything that can make noise. For security reasons, you may have to connect to a secure VPN to ensure the data you’re working with is secure. If you’re looking to stay at home with your kids to avoid paying a babysitter this type of job will not be for you.

How do I apply to Kelly Services / Kelly Connect?

Click here to read more about their work at home opportunities, and click here to view current job positions. You can also see some answers to frequently asked questions about the hiring process, scheduling, and other worker-related content here too.
Note: KellyServices hires Apple support agents, but they don’t offer benefits, and the pay might be lower than Apple’s. So you may be better off applying to Apple directly: click here to read about Apple and how to apply.

Have you worked for Kelly Services / Kelly Connect? Let us know in the comments below.


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    1. You’re right, this is more for someone who wants a full-time job from home. There are a lot of flexible options out there though if you’re not looking for full-time work.

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