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Work at Home Testing Software with These 14 Companies


14 user testing work at home jobs
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User Testing is a fun way to earn some extra cash online. Some of these companies have a lot of work, and you may be able to treat a couple as a part-time job. However, don’t quit your other job or jobs, treat these as a means of making some extra cash.
Companies want to know how their customers will interact with the software. This software can come in multiple forms like a website or an application that you download on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
For a usability test, you’ll be given one or a few tasks to complete. For example, a company might ask you to find a particular product on their website. While locating that item, you speak your thoughts aloud letting the company know why you’re doing something, or what you expected to happen when you click on a button.
Some of these testing companies want you to search for bugs and may require you to have some level of technical proficiency when it comes to software. For example, knowing how to spot broken code, which can be visual or functional. You will typically get paid more for these type of tests as they require a person who can spot them.

Who are these companies?


Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide.Pay:  They pay $3 for short tests and $10 for most of their other test; I’ve also received $10 bonuses from some of their clients. They pay via PayPal exactly seven days after completing the test. Depending on the test it can take me anywhere between 10-40 minutes. I sometimes get one test a month while other months I complete ten. You can read my review here.


Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide. Pay: They pay a few cents to a dollar per test and pay via PayPal. These tests typically take one click to complete. For example, they may ask you to pick which logo you like best for a company and give you two options, or they could ask you to locate and click on the ad on a website. I haven’t made much money with them, less than $5 in a year, but I have received payment without issue.


Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide. Pay: Tests are worth $10 or less. You can be paid via cash, karma, or donate your earnings. Cash rewards are limited and claimed quickly. Karma rewards are points you can trade for paid apps, games, music, e-books, etc. Donations are obvious. They do beta testing similar to the above companies. You’ll join focus groups/beta tests that are available, and they will give you instructions on what feedback they’re looking for. You complete the test, leave your feedback, and get rewarded.


Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide.Pay: They say that their ‘think out loud tests’ pay $10 on average and their standard surveys pay $5 on average. Payments are made via PayPal and sent out 21 business days after test completion if your results are approved; they say most results are approved within 3-5 business days. They require you to be 18 years of age or older.


Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide. Pay: They pay $5 for every feedback accepted and pay via PayPal every week on Monday. You need a desktop or laptop to work for this company, and they mention some tests will ask you to test in a particular browser i.e. Firefox vs. Edge vs. Chrome. This is standard usability testing you visit the website, complete assigned tasks, share your thoughts and provide insightful written responses.


Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide.Pay: They pay $10 per test and say that their tests typically last 20 minutes. Payments are sent via PayPal every Friday after the tests are approved. This company is similar to it looks like you record your screen, speak out loud, and have a short set of wrap up questions at the end.


Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide.Pay:  They pay $10 per test, or more and payments are made once a week on Friday to your PayPal account. Unlike most other testing companies, UserLytics requires you to have a web camera. Their work isn’t very technical and is you talking out loud while you perform tasks. Just let them know what you liked, didn’t like, if you found something difficult, or expected something else, etc. Standard usability testing.

What Users Do

Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide. Pay: They pay up to 8 Euros per test, and the payments are sent out on the 25th of the month via PayPal or Direct Deposit if you reside in the UK. This is pretty much the same type of testing that you’ll be doing with User Testing, so I won’t keep repeating myself.

User Test

Type: Usability. Open to testers worldwide.Pay: They pay $10 for every test you complete, typically these tests take 20 minutes to finish. They pay via PayPal, quickly compared to the other companies, within two days of completing the test. This is non-technical usability testing similar to User Testing. So I won’t go too much into detail.

Beta Testing (Searching for bugs)

Test Birds

Type: Usability, Finding Bugs. Open to testers worldwide.Pay: Their website says they pay per the complexity of tests and this payment can be 10 to 50 or more Euros per test. You’ll be paid via SEPA, IBAN, or PayPal. They do tests for bugs, usability, and bugAbility tests on new software. Similar to the other testing sites the usability tests provide you with tasks, you complete said task and provide your feedback. .


Type: Finding Bugs. Open to testers worldwide.Pay: They say you can make up to $50 per test. You’re paid on average $3-$5 per bug that you find, and if you can reproduce that same bug on other devices/browsers you’ll get paid a lesser amount for the reproduces, too. They pay via EBA, PayPal, or Payoneer(IBAN) and payouts are calculated the 10th of the month, and you can request to be paid up to the 19th of the month. This is a more technical testing company, meaning that you’ll mainly be searching for bugs and not be providing feedback on the user experience.


Type: Finding Bugs, Usability. Open to testers worldwide. Pay: They pay similar to TestIO, for each bug you find during a test cycle, typically you can make $10-$50 per test. They pay via PayPal or Payoneer on the 15th and last days of the month. They have what’s called test cycles, and in these test cycles, you may be asked to give written feedback, find bugs, or do a usability recording. They also have levels Gold, Silver, Bronze, Proven, and Rated and the higher that you rank as a tester, the more you’ll be paid. You can became a gold tester and gain access to higher paying test and make between $1000-$10000 a month in some cases. They require that you’re 18 years of age or older.


Type: Finding Bugs. Open to testers worldwide. Pay: They pay per bug that you find, and the payment depends on the severity of the bugs, ranging between $2-$15. They pay via PayPal once your bugs are approved. This is similar to TestIO and uTest. You’ll need to be somewhat tech savvy and know how to spot issues on websites.
Welp, that’s all, folks. I wanted to put these in a list together to give some general information about each company. I may write some individual reviews on them in the future; once I’ve tested them all out and can draw my own conclusions.
I hope this article helped you and if it did be sure to share it.:) It really helps me out.

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