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Work from Home Software Development and Design with 10up

10 up work at home review
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10up Work at Home Review

10up specializes in digital strategy and management, UX/UI design, and many other web development concepts. They work in small teams of 6-8 employees to tackle projects.
Like most tech companies they offer many remote positions including project managers, developers, designers, and strategists; just to name a few.
Every time I check their website they’re hiring, so if you’re looking for a job in web development you’ll find one here. They do require you to have a portfolio so make sure it sparkles.

Where does 10up hire remote workers?

They hire worldwide. They have remote team members all over the USA, Canada, Europe, and India.

Am I an employee or contractor?

Their website doesn’t state whether or not you’re a contractor or an employee, but they do offer benefits which is an indicator that you may be an employee.

What are the work at home hours and scheduling?

They state that the job hours is flexible. With this type of work, you have to take into consideration the project that you’re assigned to. It could take you three weeks to complete one project or three months to complete another. The hours during the day depend once again on the project and what the deadlines might be based on client needs.

How much does 10up pay their remote workers?

According to Glassdoor, the annual salary ranges from $50,000-$80,000 a year plus benefits at this company.

Do you get paid training at 10up?

I’m assuming there will be no training with this company. If you’re hired, you’ll be expected to know how to do the job you’re applying to. For example, if you’re employed as a web developer it’s safe to say you applied for the job because you know how to code in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc. are and you showed proof of this in your portfolio.

What are the work at home and skill requirements?

It depends on the position that you’re applying for. For example, as a web engineer, they want you to have Intermediate or Expert skills in PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, HTML, CSS. You must have a portfolio on GitHub or upload it in a zip. You can view all the other requirements about each position when you click below to apply.

Where can I apply to work at home jobs with 10up?

Click here and choose the position that you’re interested in.

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