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Work from Home with xerox

work at home xerox review
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If you’re looking for options to work at home this company offers a number of positions. Their most sought after job is data entry. Yes, I know a lot of you want data entry jobs so you can check out the article Work at Home | 15 Data Entry Clerk Jobs,  after this too.
If you’re an experienced software developer you can find yourself working at home for xerox too. Have experience in customer care? They have a job for you, too.
This company has been around for quite some time and maybe you have heard of them.

xerox work at home review:

xerox, formally XEROX, is an American global corporation that sells document solutions. They were founded in 1906 and have been growing their work at home platform over the last 30 years; today they have over 8000 home-based employees.
They started offering home-based positions because like us they recognized the benefits of the work from home business model.

Where does xerox hire?

They hire employees for their work at home positions in the United States and Canada. Some of their remote jobs are location based; this means that you may be required to complete your training on-site in a particular city before you start working from home. So they’re not 100% work at home jobs until after you’ve finished training.

Am I remote employee or contractor of xerox?

You will be an employee of xerox.

What are the work at home hours and scheduling?

Since you’ll be an employee, you can expect to work full-time or part-time hours. Call center work typically consists of day and night shifts.

What type of work at home positions are available?

They offer a wide range of work at home positions, including:

  • Customer Care
  • Tech Support
  • Data Entry
  • Image Tagging
  • Quality Control
  • System Development
  • Software Programming
  • Administrative/Business Support.

How much does xerox pay?

The salary depends on the type of work you’re doing; it’s apparent that a software engineer will be paid much higher than a telephone support agent. I found the following average wages below on Indeed reviews:

  • Customer Care – $11.07 an hour
  • Tech Support – $13 an hour
  • Data Entry – $12.75 an hour
  • Image Tagging – Unknown
  • Quality Control – $16.35 an hour
  • System Development – $40 an hour
  • Software Programming – $40 an hour
  • Administrative/Business Support – $24

Is there paid training?

Once again, this depends on the position that you apply for. The call center type work does offer training, and sometimes you may need to do on-site training versus at-home training, so pay close attention to the job description when you apply.

What are the general requirements to work at home with xerox?

The requirements depend on the position. If you don’t know how to write programming languages, you obviously won’t get hired as a programmer. As per the contact center jobs, you will get training, and it’s usually easy to obtain this type of work even if you have no prior experience. Just read the job description and make sure you meet their technical and mandatory requirements.

Where can I apply to work at home with xerox?

Click here to apply in Canada.
Click here to apply in the United States.
Once you get to the appropriate page, read it, and you’ll find out how to apply to their positions when they become available.

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