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Work at Home with 99 Dollar Social as a Social Media Content Specialist

99 dollar social work at home review
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Do you spend a lot of time on social media? Do you want to get paid to spend your time on social media?
If you answered yes to those questions you may have just stumbled upon your calling.
This work at home job will pay you to curate content for companies, in a number of different industries, and share said content to their social accounts.
So what will you be doing? You’ll research a topic, write a post, and share it to the Twitter, Facebook, [insert long list of social platforms here] of the client that you chose to write for. You can choose multiple accounts too.
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99 Dollar Social work at home review: 

99 Dollar Social hires social media Content Specialists to find content and write short, creative intros to publish on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. They help companies stay on top of their social game by providing them with fresh new content daily for their social accounts.

Where does 99 Dollar Social hire?

The company is located in the United States, so it’s safe to assume they hire in the US. However, it’s unclear as they don’t list this on their website or ask for your location in the hiring process. This is, however, a work from home job so maybe they would consider other countries. If you know let us know in the comments.

Am I an employee or contractor?

You will be an independent contractor.

What are the work at home hours and schedule?

They ask you to take on a minimum of ten accounts, which amounts to approximately 3.5 hours a week. However, they say that you can take on as many as you can handle. This, to me, screams flexibility since they allow you to choose how much or little you work from home.

How much does 99 Dollar Social pay?

The company says that their Content Specialists make an average of $12 an hour. This is piece work, meaning you get paid for the work that you complete not by the hour; if you’re fast, you’ll earn more, but remember quality over quantity.Keep in mind when you work from home you’re saving a ton of money by not traveling to and from work, paying for lunches, etc. So, $12 an hour is pretty amazing.

Does 99 Dollar Social pay you for training?

They require 6-7 hours of self-paced online training and attendance of a few conference calls. As far as I know, this training is not paid just like most contractor jobs.

What are the requirements to work with 99 Dollar Social?

They require a resume and a short test on creativity and research skills. For technology, they require a high-functioning computer with an internet connection, of course. They list these attributes on their website which I’ve summarized:

  • a savvy, active user of social media networks
  • love discovering and sharing interesting, unique, and relevant content
  • ability to work independently and someone who’s self-disciplined
  • ability to stay organized while managing multiple accounts
  • detail oriented and a perfectionist
  • impeccable spelling and grammar (Grammarly can help with this.)
  • have a sense of humor, wit, creativity, and awesomeness

How do I apply to 99 Dollar Social?

Click here to apply for their Content Specialist position.

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