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Work at Home with Concentrix Full-time or Part-Time

concentrix work at home review
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If you’ve ever worked in a call center you probably know that more and more agents are moving to work at home call center jobs. Why sit in a cubical while you could be sitting at home petting your cat or watching TV between calls?
Working from home is a dream come true and if you work for Concentrix, maybe you too, can become a powerful healing machine like I once was. Enough of my geekdom let’s get into the review.

Concentrix work at home reivew:

Concentrix is a global business services company. They have over 100,000 people staffed with their business in 25 countries. They do say in their job descriptions that they have room for career advancement in their work at home positions just like their corporate and in-house jobs.

Where does Concentrix hire work at home workers?

Their work at home position is in the United States (they don’t hire in California, Vermont, and Alaska) and Canada at this time.

Am I an employee or contractor?

You will be an employee with Concentrix.

What are the hours and schedule?

They have full-time and part-time opportunities. These shifts can be during the day or night. Typically in a call center setting once you learn the ropes and get your metrics up you can get better shifts.

How much does Concentrix pay?

This company states that the pay is $10.25 – $13.25 an hour, plus monthly performance incentives (someone on Glassdoor mentioned that they received a $200 bonus one month.)

Are there employee benefits?

Concentrix says in their job listing that you can get health insurance benefits if you qualify. However, they don’t list what the qualifications are. I did read one person’s review on Glassdoor that said benefits kicked in after two years of working with this company. That’s unusual; I’m thinking maybe they were working part-time because I know from experience to receive benefits usually, you have to work full-time hours.

Do you get paid training?

Yes, they do pay you to train, you don’t have to pay them. The training is three weeks according to some reviews from employees on Glassdoor. Typically call center training is one month and it doesn’t feel like enough but in this line of work when you take your first call you really never feel ready. Don’t worry too much it get’s better with time.

What are the requirements to work from home with Concentrix?

Each job description is a little different but I’ve summarized the must haves below:

  • POTs(Plain Old Telephone) line; meaning no call waiting or additional features
  • Internet 10 Mbps download speeds and 1.5 Mbps upload (no Wi-Fi or satellite)
  • a computer monitor that’s a minimum size of 21.5″, mouse, and keyboard compatible with MAC
  • Corded noise canceling headset
  • Phone must have a mute button most important of all a quite workspace
The above list is not nearly as much as they list on their job listings, but you can read all of the requirements when you apply to one of their open positions. Don’t be scared of their requirements because typically in this industry no experience is required. We all start somewhere right?

How do I apply to work at home with Concentrix?

All of their applications are completed online click here to apply.

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