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Worldwide101 Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs – Review

wordwide101 work at home review
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Worldwide101 provides premium business support to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. They focus on providing high-quality business level support by hiring virtual assistants who have disciplined skillsets like designers, researches, project managers, and more.
When you’re hired on with Worldwide101 they will match you with the businesses that they support based on your skills and the client needs. Don’t fret if the business that you’re paired with no longer need your service, Worldwide101 will match you with another business, so you never have to worry about finding clients to work with.
That sounds amazing right? If you’re a freelance VA you probably know the struggle of juggling clients and trying to find more when one decides they no longer require your services. Working remotely with Worldwide101 you never have to worry about finding clients.
With over 51 reviews and a 5-star rating on Glassdoor, I’m excited to share this company with you so let’s get right into it.

Where does WorldWide101 hire?

Worldwide101 hires their work from home contractors in North America, which includes Canada and the United States, and they also hire in Europe.
A lot of their workers purchase mobile hotspots and travel while they work, according to the reviews. So if you’re thinking about traveling or just want that extra bit of freedom with your job this is a great option.

Does WorldWide101 hire employees or independent contractors?

They hire independent contractors to work at home or remotely.

How much does WorldWide101 pay?

On most of their job descriptions they list their starting pay at $18 an hour.
After looking at Glassdoor, it seems that the average salary reported by contractors working at Worldwide101 make between $16-$21 an hour. That said, your pay will probably depend on a few variables like experience and the service that you’ll be providing.

Does WorldWide101 provide training?

Worldwide101 provides you with tips and training that is transferable into every aspect of the job according to workers reviews.
They do require you to be knowledgeable, have experience as a VA, and have various skills that can be applied to your daily duties. Also, they expect you to know how to use a computer and software that will enable you to perform your job duties.
If you’re interested in going to school and learning to be an executive assistant, CareerStep offers an Executive Assistant Career Training program that you can study from home. They have various payment options like monthly installments or you may even quality for state assistance. It’s never too late to take the first step to a new career.

Does WorldWide101 offer employee benefits?

No. Since you’re an independent contractor it’s your responsibility to get health, dental, or other insurance. BUT, WorldWide101 offers flexibility and great pay with the option to work at home so that’s benefit enough, right?

What are the requirements to work at home with WorldWide101?

This depends entirely on the position that you’re applying for but in general they want someone who is:

  • Experienced & organized
  • Able to multi-task and prioritize work
  • Excellent with managing time
  • Knowledgeable of online tools and software
  • Able to learn new tools fast
  • Impeccable communication and writing skills
  • Fluent in spoken and written English

Of course, if you’re applying for project manager positions you’ll need experience with monitoring projects, coordinating schedules, researching, and other administrative tasks.
You can read all the requirements for the position that you’re interested in when you apply and determine if you’ll be a good fit.

What is the recruiting process like at WorldWide101?

Once you determine what position you want to apply for, you’ll submit an application that is a little questionnaire to tell them more about yourself and your work history. If they think you’re good fit based on your application you should get a reply within a couple of weeks.
When you get that reply and you’re asked to move forward with the application process, you’ll have a video interview where you’ll answer various questions about yourself, your work history, and problem solving skills.
After that initial interview you’ll likely have an interview with the Founder, Sandra Lewis, and get a chance to ask and answer her some questions too.

How do I apply to WorldWide101?

Worldwide101 is looking for long-term associates to apply as virtual assistants. If you’re looking for a long-term position and want a serious job as a virtual assistant head on over to their job form and start your application.
Good luck with your work at home and remote job search. If you’re interested in working for Worldwide101 and you don’t have experience check out these articles:


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